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Over the past few months, I’ve been seeing so many of my favorite bloggers rolling out little chit chat posts. And I gotta tell you, these style of posts have quickly become my favorite!! I checked with y’all on Twitter (honestly if you don’t follow me there you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to pick blog content) to see if you would wanna see my take on them too, and lo and behold here we are.

I started junior year

My first day back to classes was on Monday. And honestly, I was not at all excited. Which is strange for me, because my whole life I’ve loved school. I was always the outsider wishing school would start up again. But not this year, because last semester nearly killed me. I was talking 16 credit hours, working two jobs, blogging, and trying to maintain a social life.

I quickly realized after my first week back that this semester will be so much different. And I’m actually excited about learning again! I am taking 16 credit hours, but only working one job now. I quit my office job and am solely working at the library now.

This semester I’m taking linear algebra, object oriented programming II, media web coding, intro to web development and physiological chemistry. My feelings towards the classes so far are all pretty positive. Algebra is one of my favorite facets of math, and the web coding stuff is fun because of this here blog. The chemistry class is a nice break from all my math and computer science, and reminds me of the short months I was an exercise science major.

Now object oriented? Yeah not a big fan of the class, but I have three friends in that class so it’s cool.

Living with my best friend

This is my first year ever dorming with a friend. Before this, I was always with a random roommate.

I gotta say, I am absolutely loving it! It’s so great because we understand each other and already know a lot about how we like to live. For example, I know she hates it when people touch her bed and she knows that I’m a neat freak. We’re both heavy sleepers so I don’t hear when she comes in at 3:00 a.m. and she doesn’t hear when I get up at 7:30 a.m. for class.

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I think two of the biggest benefits though are having someone to come home to talk about your day with and being able to use the sink or toilet if the other is in the shower.

wildflower field senior pictures

My cousin’s senior pictures

I took one of my cousin’s senior pictures two years ago. After that, his little sister begged me to take her’s when she was a senior. The time has finally come and we had her first session on Wednesday!

We shot for about three hours and managed to fill up my whole 16GM SD card. I went through and deleted all the derpy pictures already and I still have almost 300 pictures to wade through. Lord bless all the photographers out there who do this all the time.

I be up in the gym…

Just working on my fitness. Y’all my witnesses.

Am I Fergie yet?

working on my fitness - stairmaster

In all seriousness, I’m so beyond motivated fitness-wise right now.

I skimped away from exercise a lot this summer. Which you probably couldn’t tell since I’m always talking about it or posting about it. But I think I maybe only went to the gym 0-2 times a week most weeks this summer. It was annoying because I felt like I was starting over every week, but it was hard to find the time when I worked 50 hours a week, went on two vacations, and my gym’s hours were awful.

Now, the hours are extended for school and I have a lot more time on my hands to hit the weight stacks and stairmasters.

I’m planning out all my workouts before hand now (which I’m also posting on my Insta story just for you) and I think that’s helped a lot with my motivation. Another thing which has been motivating me is the fact that I’ve been seeing a lot of muscle definition progress already.

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I’m more focused on losing weight now, too. The past four years, I’ve mostly been focused on gaining muscle. Now, after gaining some extra pounds (not sure how many because I don’t weigh myself) over this summer, I’m changing up my focus a tad bit. Basically, I’m just going to try and incorporate cardio into almost every weight lifting session I do.

In regards to lifting, I’ve committed to a push/pull/legs split. This is handy because I used to get annoyed at just working one muscle group each time I worked out. With this, I’m working my upper body twice as much as my lower body! This is perfect for me since I’m super bottom heavy already.

To find out more about a push/pull/legs split check out my fitness bestie’s post!

Boy Updates

Now the fun stuff!! So I have three stories for you:

I went on two Bumble dates with the same guy. The first date was great and I even asked for his phone number. The second date was not great. Two days after that date, I texted him to tell him I didn’t see things going anywhere but it was nice to meet him. He responds and said he thought the same thing which was why he hadn’t contacted me since Sunday. I knew he was lying because he tried to kiss me Sunday. I did not kiss him. I turned my head, hugged him instead, and then ran to the safety of my car.

On Monday I ran into one of my freshmen from last year at the gym. I said hi to him quickly and left because I had to shower to get ready for class. The next morning he asked if I noticed he was at the gym with a friend. I told him yes. He told me his friend thought I was cute and that we should talk. I told him his friend is too short.

My grandma literally made me call her without telling me why. Turns out she wanted to try and set me up with a friend of her’s grandson. A boy she has already tried to set me up with every year since I started college and every time I have said no.

Answer these three questions for me in the comments: What year in school are you? What class are you most excited about? What was the last funny thing that happened to you?

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