Conversations with Caitlyn | Vol. 2

Car Troubles

If you missed it, my old 2001 Mitsubishi Gallant died about two weeks ago. I was just driving home from work jamming out to Taylor Swift when all of a sudden my gas pedal stopped working and a ton of warning lights popped up on my dash. I immediately pulled over to the side of the freeway (the left side, unfortunately).

I had never had anything like this happen to me before, so like we all do when we’re in a panic, I phoned my mom. Who had me phone my dad who didn’t answer so I had to call my brother and I started crying.

I had to have my aunt come pick me up, and my dad arranged a tow-truck to pick my car up. The next morning I found out from the mechanic that my car was beyond help. Which I should have expected considering it was a salvaged car with over 220,000 miles on it. But it still made me so upset I almost debated skipping class for the rest of the day.

I spent last weekend car shopping. After my brother offered to co-sign a loan with me, I was able to get the car of my dreams! I’m so grateful to be able to say this because I didn’t think I would be able to get it until after I graduate.

Driving in it makes me feel all glamorous and like I should be listening to Bad and Boujee. I don’t though.

Injured Wrist

So I think I may have sprained my right wrist or gotten tendinitis. I’ve had issues with it on and off for a few months now (I’m talking since back in February) and I think I may have finally figured out what it is.

So at first, I thought it was carpal tunnel. Considering I type all day long for my blog, computer science classes, and work, it made sense. But I talked to someone who had carpal tunnel and they said the pain I was describing was nowhere near what he had. This was good news since carpal tunnel is super scary.

After that, I hit a dead end. I just gave up and assumed I would have to live with it hurting when I put a lot of pressure on it. I learned to wrap my wrist and I did that a few times. Then it disappeared.

Now it’s back again and I think it might a sprain. A really mild one since I haven’t lost any range of motion and it only hurts when I apply a lot of pressure to my wrist. I just don’t think it ever healed properly since I’m always lifting. Or it’s tendinitis because, from the people I’ve talked to who have sprained their wrist, it doesn’t really fit the description.

I’m going to get it checked out to be sure, but in the meantime, if you’ve ever sprained your wrist or gotten tendinitis in your wrist please leave me a comment! I want to know what it feels like, so I can compare it to my pain.

Ed Sheeran Louisville Divide Tour

Ed Sheeran

I saw Ed Sheeran live for the third time Thursday night. Ed is one of my all time favorite performers. It amazes me how he does everything himself. Does anyone else think that’s insane!?

I made it a goal to take less than 25 pictures the whole concert. No offense to Ed, but I don’t find him attractive, so I didn’t see the need to take an endless amount of pictures or videos. Especially since I did that at his last concert and I literally never look at them and because I regret trying to get so many videos at the Shawn Mendes concert. Well, I met my goal and only took nine pictures.

I bought the tickets for this concert back in March as a birthday gift for my best friend because she never got to see him when he came to town two years ago. It was so rewarding to be able to give and share this experience with her.

Plus, we got to take a mini road trip down to Louisville for it, which meant I got to spend even more quality time with my Jeep. Who I have named Thomas, by the way.

Little News

  • I won my work’s summer reading challenge. Which means I won a $40 Amazon gift card. Holla!
  • I got invited to one of our school’s basketball player’s birthday parties but I skipped out and to watch Shawn Mendes on MTV Unplugged and Dare to Live. #Priorites (Even though all our basketball players are so cute)
  • Abigail and I have officially started working on a special project, so stay tuned for that
  • Sand volleyball started back up!ย I’ve played on an intramuralย sand volleyball team every year since freshmen year. I didn’t get to play last spring, so I was hyped to be able to get a team together for the fall semester!
  • I got trained to sit on our University Conduct Board for policy violations and sexual misconduct cases, and I’m really excited to start helping with the cases
  • I started watching Bates Motel again to prep me for fall. ย It creeps me out how close Norman and his mother are.ย Anyone else watch this and feel the same?
  • I’m seeing the Property Brothers tonight on their House Tour!

What’s been happening in your life lately?

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