May Favorites 2017

May has been such a long month for me. I moved back home from college and started working 50 hours a week. (Woohoo!) So I’ve been happily busy and I feel like it’s been five years since school let out. Totally okay with that though.

Enough with the intro, let’s get into the things that I’ve been digging this past month!

May Favorites 2017: beauty, fashion, and fitness | College with Caitlyn


My lace-up flats

So these babies actually aren’t even new. I got them last year during spring break and instantly fell in love with them, but then got annoyed and over them. (Why I could never get a tattoo.)

I didn’t bring them to school with me last semester so I totally forgot I even owned them. Literally the night I moved back home I found them and couldn’t stop wearing them. They just make your legs look so good! And don’t hurt my feet like other flats.

Paging Doctor Tera’s Fitness program

I found Tera on Instagram sometime in April, and instantly fell in love with her page. Her feed is just so aesthetically pleasing and she’s such a girl boss. Plus, her exercise videos are so helpful! So when I saw she was coming out with a spring fitness program I jumped on it! Especially since she is giving it away for free! Um, what? Yes please!

I’ve only ever used one other fitness program before, but it was nowhere near as comprehensive as Tera’s program. Her’s comes with full breakdowns of how to do each exercise as well as pictures to demonstrate them.

And her program includes conditioning days, which is not something I have ever seen in other fitness programs. Call me crazy, but I was always the girl who loved doing conditioning during sports practices.

maybelline BB cream

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

This has been my holy grail, only “foundation” I’ve used for about four years now. But when I ran out a couple months ago and hit up Ulta they were sold out! Ugh. So I settled for a CC cream from NYX, and while it worked fine, I was so hype when I ran out of that and purchased another tube of this Maybelline BB Cream. I forgot how amazing it was until I applied it to my face! Never straying again.

My camera!!

If you didn’t know, I bought my first ever DSLR camera! I got the Nikon D5500 and I’m in love with it. I wish I could play with it every day, but apparently no one wants to volunteer to be my model. (Which I don’t understand because I’m always down to pose for pictures.)

Instead, I’ve been practicing taking flatlays and cool photos for the blog, so be on the lookout for some super cool pictures soon on here and on the Instagram.

Don’t Blame Me Podcast

So one of my favorite YouTubers, Meghan Rienks, started a podcast recently and I am loving it.

It’s an advice podcast where she answers questions from listeners who call in. I love it because she gives the best big sister advice and is absolutely hilarious. Plus, she basically gives the exact same advice I would give my little sister so we’re basically the same person and I love her.

What have you been loving recently?

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