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Happy Friday my friends! All I can say is thank the lord. This week has been crazy hectic and super stressful. This is not going to be an easy semester for me this year.

But that’s enough talk about school, because it’s the freaking weekend baby! (Well, technically I’m still at work as this post goes live, but who’s keeping track right?)

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mermaid details summer outfit


mermaid details summer outfit

mermaid details summer outfit

mermaid details summer outfit

Similar tank top // Bralette // Simlar shorts // Shoes // Mermaid bracelet and starfish bracelet // Necklace

Like two weeks before school started I went on a major shopping spree and bought some staples pieces for my wardrobe since I recently donated a car load of stuff. While I was out, I stopped in Forever 21, where my wonderful friend works, and she picked this tank top out for me.

You guys I am in love.

Like cue the heart eye emojis, singing birds and wedding bells. This shirt is my one true love.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a tad bit melodramatic, but I still do believe this shirt was made just for me. I have three reasons for this:

1) If you read my introduction post then you know about my hardcore mermaid obsession

2) The way the top is cut made me feel like I was wearing a lifeguard swimsuit; which just added to the whole mermaid undercover thing I had going on

3) Red has been my go-to color lately

Of course I had to go all out and pair the shirt with my favorite mermaid themed accessories too. I added my little mermaid shell necklace and my mermaid and starfish Alex & Ani bracelets.

I’ve also been really obsessed with wearing halter bralettes with tank tops lately as well. Something you may have noticed from my Instagram (Here, here or here.)

mermaid details summer outfit

For staying until the end you get this bonus photo of me laughing about getting laughed at for being so difficult about choosing a photo location. I switched between three different benches and then finally ended up standing by these huge elephant ear plants.

You also get to hear a little fun fact about the plants behind me: last year I made a video of myself pretending to be a velociraptor while walking through those giant plants. #collegeshenanigans

Do you think your mermaid obsession compares to mine? Do you have a different mythical creature you find fascinating? If you started school, how was your first week? Let me know in the comments below!

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