A Modern Hufflepuff

modern hufflepuff fall outfit

modern hufflepuff fall outfit

So I know I’m really late on this trend, but I finally got into highlighting and contouring, and you can actually see it in this photo so I’m very proud. It’s the little things.

modern hufflepuff fall outfit

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am very big on rings. I feel naked if I don’t wear one. Most days you’ll just catch me wearing my thumb ring, just so I have something on my fingers.

Sadly, all of these rings except two (the midi rings) are years old, so I have no idea where they’re from.

modern hufflepuff fall outfit

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Bra // Shirt // Skirt // Shoes (similar here, here and here) // Similar rings (more here and here)

So if you’re a muggle, you may not know that yesterday was Back to Hogwarts day. Sadly, my acceptance letter must have gotten lost in the mail……again.

But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t show my Hufflepuff pride! Most people think Hufflepuff house is reserved for the dumb and useless (rude!), but I assure you we’re not. We’re the most trustworthy and hardworking people there are. Plus, we’re good at finding things. (50 points to you if you caught that reference.)

I’m diehard loyal to my Hufflepuff heritage. So diehard that one time when I retook the Pottermore quiz and it told me I was a Slytherin (SAY WHAT?!) I got very angry. Like no. I’m a Hufflepuff. I mean getting angry at being associated with the wrong house proves I’m a Hufflepuff in itself since we are known for being extremely loyal.

Anyways, since Harry Potter was set in the 1990s, I thought I’d don a more modern take of the Hufflepuff uniform. (Plus, I didn’t have any robes to wear.)

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In addition to wanting to show off my house pride, I also made the executive decision (like most girls I know) that September first marks the unofficial beginning of fall. A.k.a the time of dark yellows, plum lips and browning leaves.

What’s freaky is that up until yesterday it was almost 90 degrees everyday with humidity on top of that, but then as if by magic (I love puns) yesterday it was a nice cool 75 degrees.

modern hufflepuff fall outfit

I think I’m going to start adding a “blooper” photo to the end of every Fashion Friday post because honestly, I turn out with more of those then actually decent photos. Plus, I think they’re hilarious.

So please enjoy this photo of me rolling my eyes, and showing off all the sass.

Did you celebrate Back to Hogwarts Day? What house are you? Let me know in the comments below!

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