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My First College Apartment: Furnishing a room in a budget | College with Caitlyn

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I’ve been hype about this post ever since I signed my lease for my apartment back in May. I mad for anything decor or design or HGTV related. Which reminds me, I haven’t watched HGTV in ages. I guess I would need a tv for that and that is not something my roommates and I have gotten yet. Oops.

We’re not here to talk about the lack of furniture in the rest of my apartment though. Oh, no. We’re here to talk about the ultimate cozy and aesthetic factor that is my bedroom!

I went for an all white, black, and blue look. Which if you didn’t know, is kinda my aesthetic. Take a look around my blog and Instagram and you’ll find that out quite quickly. I got most of my furniture and decor from IKEA and Target, but I’ll have everything linked in each section so just keep your eyes out for that if you see something you really like!

Cube Shelf and Gallery Wall

Cube Shelf / / Light Box / /  Neon Cat Light / / Salty AF Candle / / Similar Orchid

I already had this cube shelf from last school year. I got it from Target and it was the first piece of furniture I ever put together all by myself. #Adult

I used most of the shelves to hold my collection of books that have yet to be read. Yup, I haven’t read any of the books on that shelf except a few of the poetry ones.

Other than that, one shelf holds my DSLR and vlog camera, another has my study abroad photo album and some rocks from Scotland, and the rest have photos and little knick-knacks I’ve accumulated. Oh, and my new podcasting microphone is on there, too!

My gallery wall consists of photos from all my travels and Shawn Mendes because he’s my baby. I actually caved and bought all the frames from Walmart because they were hecka cheap and yo girl doesn’t have money to drop $5+ on 10 picture frames. No thank you.

Desk and Window Sill

Similar Lamp / / Try Guys Calender / / Marble Dry Erase Board / / Similar Calendar Dry Erase Board / / Desk / / Stool / / Gold Notebook Holder / / Spinning Pencil Holder

My desk area is actually one of my favorite spots in my room. (Not that it’s big enough to have a lot of “spots.”) I purposefully shoved my desk up against the window so I would actually sit at my desk to do school and blog work and not always end up doing stuff sitting in bed. No productivity there. Am I right ladies?

I always keep my laptop charging on my desk because if I turn it off it takes ages to turn on. Yo girl really needs a new laptop, but that’s not in the budget right now.

Also, on my desk I have a desk lamp, one of the few sources of light in my room, an art print I got in Chester, a notebook holder where I keep all my journals, and my dry erase calendar I use to keep my life together. I also have a little dry erase board that I use for my important to-do list and my Try Guys calendar that makes me smile.

Then there’s my window sill. I like to call this my “sill of my favorite people.” Can you tell I’m obsessed with photos yet? And just wait, there are more picture frames to come.


Similar Shoe Rack  / / Three Section Hamper

I actually hated my closet before I moved in. When I walked in to see there were no closet doors I was confused. And annoyed. Like where were my nice rolling mirror closet doors!?

My mom told me I could hang up curtains to section it off, but I actually like having it on display now. It reminds me of a studio apartment and I always love showing off things I already have as decor. Plus, the color coordination gives me life. And I want to be able to see something that took me over an hour to finish. Thank you very much.

Dresser and Bedside Shelf

Dresser / / Star Map / / Bluetooth Speaker (Under $15!!!) / / Eye Mask 

Before we get started in this section, I just have to say that I built that dresser all by myself. #Proud

Okay moving on. This part of my room feels a little boring compared to the rest, but it’s just for storage and it already feels super cluttered, so I don’t see my adding anything to it anytime soon.

I just keep all my jewelry, perfumes and sunglasses on the top of the dresser, but have my necklaces hanging on the cork boards I made in my college dorm DIY post last year. Then I have my star map hung above my dresser, which was actually the first thing I hung up! And it took me a while to measure it out and get the hole for the nail in the right place. But it made hanging my gallery wall easier afterward!

The bedside shelf was in my dorm last year, too. It used to be plain wood and I just painted it white. I keep all the books  have checked out from the libary on here, with the books I’m currently reading and my iPad up on the top shelf. On top of the shelf, I have my bluetooth speaker for when I want to listen to music or creepy podcasts to fall asleep, an eye mask and a crystal.

Bed and Wall Art

Ocean Tapestry (I got the small) / / Serving Tray / / Comforter / / Sheets / / Bed Frame / / Mirror / / Girl Poster (all of these are 18×24) / / Skelton Poster / / Kissing Poster / / “Mendes is my bae” shirt

This is the part of the room that gives me all the homey and cozy vibes!! I have to make my bed every morning as soon as I get up so that I don’t end up laying in bed all day.

All my bedding is from Target except the silk pillowcase which I got from Aerie and the blue blanket I got in Scotland. Also, can I just say that silk pillowcases are a game changer!? And having four pillows makes it easier for me to sleep because then I’m always cuddling something. Anyone else have issues sleeping alone?

I got my tapestry last year when I was getting more into decorating my room, and this year decided to get from posters from Society6 as well to fill up this huge blank wall. They came a little later than expected, and a bit rumpled on the right edges, but I still think they look great! If you want to order something from Socety6 from your room, use this link to get $10! Society6 also has a student discount. Just saying.

Fun fact: I actually got my bed frame from Victoria and it’s not screwed all the way together because I didn’t have an allen wrench. Sooo no jumping on the bed for me. Even though I may or may not have already done that.

So that’s my room! Like I said, this is my first ever apartment bedroom. So I had free reign to hang photos and my own bedroom and actual room to move and do things without being eyed down by a roommate at all times. While living in a dorm taught me a lot, I really love that I have a space that is all my own now.

What’s your favorite way to decor your room?

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