New Wash Product Review: A New Way to Wash Hair with Hairstory

If there’s one thing you have to know about me it’s that I don’t wash my hair.

Well, at least that’s what everyone thinks about me. I do wash my hair, just only once or twice a week. And then I would live off of dry shampoo in between washes.

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But this last month I was challenged to not use shampoo for a whole month. Instead, I was to use only New Wash. New Wash is a new type of hair wash from Hair Story, a brand founded by Michael Gordon, the creator of Bumble and Bumble.

New Wash Product Review: 30 days without traditional shampoo

What is New Wash?

New Wash is not a shampoo or a conditioner, it’s a replacement for all hair washes. That means I gave up my staple shampoo and conditioner and my holy grail deep conditioner and just used New Wash to clean my hair.

The consistency of it is very different from any other hair wash I’ve ever used. It doesn’t foam and is very viscous, making it thicker than usual shampoos and conditioners.

It doesn’t have any harsh ingredients like sulfates or detergents, but instead is made from natural ingredients like essential oils from plants like jojoba, sunflower, aloe, and peppermint. It’s these natural ingredients that keeps your hair from being stripped dry and removes the need of conditioner!

New Wash Product Review

My Experience

Because New Wash is thick, it can be hard to spread over your whole scalp. The first time I used it, I pumped way too much into my hair and couldn’t wash it all out so my roots were covered in a nasty film. After that I combed through other people’s reviews and Hair Story’s tips page to learn how to actually use this product.

Some people recommend using a comb to distribute the product and to rinse twice. The former didn’t do me much good, however I did notice an improvement with the latter. But washing my hair twice with the one product kind of took away from the whole replacing shampoo and conditioner thing.

Speaking of New Wash doing both jobs, I was very hesitant to use it at first. One product to both clean and smooth my hair? Sounds a like a cheap 2-in-1 product I would buy from the dollar store and then not be able to run a comb through my hair afterwards.

But (thankfully) I was wrong.

New Wash did not make it hard to run a comb through my hair after washing and did a decent job of getting tangles out so I wasn’t getting combs stuck in my hair after showering.

It took me about four tries to find the right amount of product and adapt to the way of washing it out of my hair correctly, but I think I have a pretty good handle on it now. I do still have a bit of trouble keeping the film off my cowlick though, but I just throw some dry shampoo on it the first day and I’m good.

New Wash Product Review

Even when I wasn’t using it correctly, my hair still lasted longer than when I used my previous shampoo and conditioner duo. I felt like my real hair texture showed through more and I was more comfortable going a day without straightening my hair. On days when I did choose to use my flat iron, my hair would actually stay straight throughout the four or five days I would go before washing it again, which didn’t always happen when using my old products.

I never did curl my hair to see if it stayed longer as well, but I did braid my hair when it was wet and wore it in beach waves for a couple days. As soon as I undid the first braid I new I found a hairstyle I was going to be doing again. I had tried this beach waves trick before, but they never stayed so well like they did while I was using New Wash. This definitely made me think it was meant more for curly and wavy hair styles than straight ones.

new wash

One downside to New Wash is that it made my scalp really dry. This is normal, as their website says it’s your head getting used to the new formula that doesn’t use harsh dyes or additives, and it did lessen as the weeks progressed and I used the product more.

And the biggest test of all: did it keep my hair from being a greasy mess?

Yes, yes it did. I think I used dry shampoo less these past 30 days than I did the two week before I started using the product! Granted, I did spray the crap out of my roots the first two times after using New Wash because I used too much product and wasn’t able to wash out all the product which left a greasy film on my hair that I combated with my dry shampoo.

I honestly feel like I could have beat my five day record of not washing my hair while using this product, but I just never did. One day I’ll reach my goal of seven days though.

After using it for 30 days

I was actually pretty excited to go back to my old shampoo and conditioner after using New Wash for a whole month. I was excited to compare how my hair and scalp felt after making the switch back to see the real difference.

So here’s what happened:

After I washed my hair with my old products my hair was the softest and felt the cleanest it had been in 30 days. It straighten easier than when I using New Wash, and my hair felt much healthier than before using New Wash.

While I wasn’t the happiest girl using New Wash, I love that it gave my scalp a break from any chemicals or damaging ingredients in my shampoo, and because of that my hair had gotten back it’s old natural texture, and dried so much straighter and not poufy! (Which is a big thing I always complain about.)

new wash fresh hair product review


Pros: It highlighted my natural hair texture that had just become “poufy” from my years of heat damage but became wavy with use. It keep my shower less cluttered by replacing four products (two shampoos, conditioner and deep conditioner). It lessened my need for dry shampoo. It keep my hair straighter and wavier longer, and made my waves more dramatic than if I were using a normal shampoo.

Cons: It took time and multiple fails and filmy covered hair days to figure out how to use it correctly. I’m still not 100% sure I’m using it right and I feel like it shouldn’t take that much effort to figure out how to wash my hair. While it kept my hair straight longer, it doesn’t work well with straight hairstyles because it weighed my hair down and it got tangled easier, which isn’t suited for straight hair. It’s very pricey, at $40 a bottle I doubt I would ever purchase this myself. (However, now that I think about it with the little amount of product you have to use and the few amounts of times you have to use it a month I’m sure it would last me at least four months.)

Have you ever heard of New Wash? Would you ever use a 2-in-1 hair product?

*I received New Wash for free for testing and reviewing from HairStory but, as always, all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting brands that make Life with Caitlyn possible!

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