Nineties Coffee Queen

nineties inspired outfit

This is my “Gimme more coffee now” pose.

nineties inspired outfit

This was actually my first time using this travel coffee mug and I loved it. It’s cute, sassy and perfect for my iced coffee. I really liked how there were no holes in the lid (besides the one where the coffee comes out duh. It has a open/close setting), so I could put it in my backpack if I wanted and it wouldn’t spill.

Also, please excuse my very chipped nails. I haven’t had time to repaint them okay?

nineties inspired outfit

This is me thinking really hard about a question my photographer (shout out to them!) asked me. Stay until the end to figure out what it was! It was a pretty out-there question if I do say so myself.

nineties inspired outfit

nineties inspired outfit

I loved the way the little details of this outfit turned out. The lace you see here is actually from the bottom of the bralette that I’m wearing, and the only reason you can see it is because I rolled up the halter top I was wearing. (So scandalous!) I’ve actually been doing this quite a bit lately though because I’ve been more confident in my midsection. Yay! Body positivity!

I don’t remember where I saw it at, but I know I once saw or read something about looping the arms of a flannel through your belt loops to make it look a little different and unique. It’s not everyone’s style, but I really loved it. I will totally be doing this again.

Also, please excuse the fact that my midriff is like 20 shades lighter than my arm. I don’t tan much.

If you follow me on Instagram, and you have a good eye, then you might have seen this cuff before! I paired it with my Greek princess ensemble, which you can see here!

This is actually supposed to be just a normal bracelet, but I have this obsession with arm cuffs, so I had to wear it up higher on my forearm. I really wanted to wear it on my upper arm, but apparently my arms are too big for that. #DoYouEvenLift?

nineties inspired outfit

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Similar halter top // Similar bralette // Similar flannel // Jeans // Shoes // Similar arm cuff // Coffee cup

It has been one long week. I’ve been 110% ready for the weekend since I fell asleep Sunday night. Yeah, that bad.

Okay, my week really wasn’t that bad, it’s just I got sick on Sunday and it has just progressively gotten more annoying. Plus, sick equals more tired, which means I need more coffee. However, I did only go with two cups of coffee this week. #Proud

I definitely had a whole different outfit on the morning these were taken, but changed pretty quickly because I just wasn’t feeling another skirt. I feel way too sick and crappy to dress up, so I dressed how I felt: like a grungy 90’s kid who lived on the streets.

Dressing how I feel is something that I really like to do actually. That’s why sometimes you’ll catch me in princess skirts, other times you’ll catch me sweats and then the rest of the time I’m wearing pants.

I have way too many style alter egos to keep them straight y’all.

nineties inspired outfit

As promised, here is this week’s funny photo and story! Well, it really isn’t a story, more like a small anecdote. Basically, I made a joke to my photographer using the, “I will cut you,” line the night before, so when we were taking photos this day he asked me if I had ever cut anyone before. This photo was my response to that.

Please tell me you understand that reference/joke! I promise I’m not a psychopath.

Do y’all dress to your moods/emotions as well? Have you ever tied a flannel through your belt loops? Last but not least, who’s ready for the weekend!? Let me know in the comments below!

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