October Favorites 2017

October Favorites 2017: fall decor, beauty, podcasts. and music | College with Caitlyn

It’s November now and I’m lowkey upset. And by lowkey I mean highkey.

October is the month of all things spooky, and anything spooky is my aesthetic. Scary stories? Supernatural? Horror movies? Creepy music? Black cats? Dark photo edits? An obsession with the explainable? ME. ME. ME.

So yeah, I’m super bummed October is over. But I guess I’ll get over it soon enough since it just means that I’m one month closer to being in Scotland.

Before I ramble any more, here are my favorites from this month:

Lore Podcast

I found this podcast through Lizzie over at October June and omg I’m so glad I did. I downloaded a few of the episodes to listen to while on my flight back from San Francisco and after that I was hooked. I’ve been listening to the podcast every time I get in the car since then. No more music for me. All I wanna hear now is the spooky instrumental opening and Aaron Mahnke’s soothing voice telling me creepy things.

Sometimes I even listen to it while doing homework or blog work. I find having background noise to help with my concentration and it’s not as distracting as music.

This podcast basically tells the true stories behind folklore we may or may not have heard about. Some are terrifying, while others I just find plain intriguing. I’m so glad this podcast has been going for years because that means I have plenty of shows to catch up on.

Target light box "Hocus Pocus Witch"


I actually got this lightbox a couple months ago for my post about dorm decor with Devine Color, and I love it so much that I still use it. It’s just moved from beside my bed to the shelf across from my bed.

Every week or so I’ve been changing what it says. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s inspirational. I think my favorite was, “Hocus Pocus Witch.”

Also, say hi to little pumpkin Ethel on the left!

Fried cauliflower 

My friend Emma (the one I visited in San Francisco) and I are both vegetarians. We’re also both obsessed with Veggie Grill and their fried buffalo wings. Obviously, their wings aren’t made from real meat, I think it’s tofu, but they always reminded me of fried buffalo cauliflower. Which I never failed to remind Emma.

Related: How to Eat Out as a Vegetarian

We decided to finally make some of our own when we were together, but I couldn’t find any buffalo sauce at the store near her apartment. Instead, we just made fried cauliflower and it was amazing. This recipe was super fast and easy to make, which is good because I’m not the best in the kitchen.

I ended up making it again three days after I got back from the trip, too. Just typing this up makes me want to cook some up again.

gymmemewear key tag "I'm either at the gym or going"

New Key Tag

I saw this key tag on GYMMEMEWEAR‘s Instagram a couple months ago, but didn’t get around to buying it before it sold out. I was so upset too because this company always advertises that they don’t restock items. But I think the demand for it was so high that they brought it back!

Lucky me was able to score one for me and one for my fitness twin, Abigail, which I secretly gifted to her.

Getting this key tag, and throwing out my old Doctor Who and Little Mermaid ones was a big step for me. I feel more like an adult now. Anyone else slowly doing away with things they loved years ago?

Getting my Nails Done

No I did not do my own nails in the above picture. I got them done at an actual salon for the first time in almost two and a half years. A lot of you on Twitter asked me how I went that long, and it’s because I always have awful experiences! They always makes me bleed or ignore me or hurt my hands. And this time was no different. The guy literally called someone while he was doing my nails.

But I will be going back because it was cheaper than I expected and I am so bad at doing my own nails. When I paint my nails they get super clumpy and then chip after two days. And during the winter my nails get really purple from being cold and having Raynaud’s, which is not a cute look, so I like to cover it up with nail polish.

I think I’m actually going to go back today to get a purple-y color I turned down last time for this black french tip.


  • Bedroom Floor by Liam Payne – Liam is quickly becoming my favorite solo 1D artist. Which I find hilarious because I never even liked 1D and I didn’t even know who Liam was until like last summer.
  • Game of Survival by Ruelle – I actually just found this only two days ago when Vanessa Lachey danced to it on DWTS. But it’s super creepy and I loved it for all of Halloween and you bet I’m still going to be listening to it until fall is officially over.
  • Idea of Her by Whitney Woerz – The music video for this actually showed up as an ad to a YouTube video I wanted to watch a couple weeks ago and I was so intrigued that I watched the whole thing. I now listen to the song almost every time I open up Spotify.
  • Hello (remix) by Swiperboy – This song popped up on my Discover Weekly a couple weeks ago and I thought it was just a cool take on Adele’s song Hello, but no. This song is savage, and I love it.

What have you been loving?

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