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Like for real though, yo girl is so ready to thrive because the last week has been real rough. I only went to class on Monday last week because I was in Houston for the Grace Hopper Celebration all from Tuesday to Saturday (look out for a post about this soon!) so I’m a little behind. On Monday I realized I’m not as behind as I thought, I just really need to learn how to prioritize homework and my capstone workload. Especially since I got a new job!!! Right before I left for Houston I got offered another job at a library! I’m going to be a librarian again and 5-year-old me is living again.

So yes, that the little life update before we get into my October mood board!

october mood baord

My intentions for October are to really embrace fall aesthetics, take plenty of photos, and reevaluate my relationships with people and activities. 

Since October is the month all things spooky, I knew I had to go all out with the dark moody vibes, and because I’ve been pretty dark and moody lately. Lol oops. We love mood swings and periods, right? Basically, I vibe with the creepy shiz.

Color Meanings

Orange – This color actually represent creativity, which is something I feel a lot of people don’t know. I actually have an orange calcite crystal in my room that I keep close for when I’m feeling stuck in a rut. While yes, I chose orange because fall, I also chose it because I want to work more on my photography this month!

Black – As most know, black is associated with evil and mystery. Which are scary to most people, but like those are the things that make a great book, movie, and podcast to me! In art, black is used to make colors stand out, and to me in real life that means it makes the good and joyful moments stand out more.

October Intentions and Goals

Read a Spooky Novel

Last year I read all suspense and creepy books for fall. While I do plan on continuing that trend, reading that many last year burnt me out, and plus I don’t read as much as I used to (*cries*) so I’m aiming for just one creepy book this month. I’d love for it to be Dead Girls, the one picture in the top middle. It’s a nonfiction about our obsession with the dead in today’s society. I haven’t read a nonfiction in awhile so I think that would be a great way to knock one out.

Have a fall photo shoot

Surprisingly, it’s actually been my little sister’s nagging idea to go have a photo shoot with my Jeep in the fall. Not me. I swear. She even sent me that top right photo as inspiration, and I think this year it’s actually going to happen. We just have to find a good neighborhood with a lot of dead leaves I can throw on top of Thomas. LOL and then maybe I’ll finally get a car wash so he looks sparkling clean in the photos.

Fall in the big apple


Sure it won’t be peak autumn, only mid-October, but I’m setting my hopes high and wishing Central Park will look like that photo in the bottom right corner. I’m actually going to be spending most of my time in New Jersey because I’m visiting Kat at school!!!! Yup, that’s right, two-thirds of the Blogger Babes Abroad is reuniting!! And then I’ll be FINALLY meeting Gabby from The Swirl Blog since NYC is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Newark!

Reevaluate Relationships

I’ve mentioned this multiple times in study abroad posts, but I’ve made a lot of changes to my life after coming back home.

One of them is to stay away from people who bring me down and stop giving them the attention they crave. Some I’ve cut out completely, and others I still talk to, but not the on the level I used to because they were so draining to be around. I got to see their true colors while I was away, and how they reacted when I got back. (That was kinda supposed to be a pun about leaves changing colors so please give me the credit. Thank you.)

Basically, I want to make sure I’m keeping up with this and not falling back into any toxic relationship or tendencies with people I used to talk to when I was super lonely. I’ve been in a pretty good place lately, and I don’t want to ruin it and be back to feeling alone every day like I did last year.

Halloween Vibes

I really want to take some time to do some creative makeup for Halloween too. I did the neon skull by James Charles last year for when I worked on Halloween and I loved it. I work on Halloween again this year, but still no word on if I have the okay to dress up. Hopefully so!! I’ll definitely be doing something different for work than I will be for actually celebrating Halloween with my friend because my Halloween costume is a dead cheerleader and I don’t think work wants me parading around in a sports bra and cheer skirt. Def don’t need to get fired in my first month on the job.

Photo Credits

Top Middle – @andshesbrave

Middle Right – @kalynnicholson13

Bottom Middle – @tessa_noelle

What are your intentions and goals for October?

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