One Way to Wear White Booties: A Pumpkin Patch Outfit

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I know white booties were a big trend last year, but we’re bringing them back again this year because I only wore them twice last year. Plus, I never have a reason to wear these because I’m kinda over dressing up for class and I’d rather not wear them to work. So, my whole pumpkin patch outfit was planned around these white booties.

Last year, I did a Veronica Holmes inspired look for the pumpkin patch. Check out that outfit post for more fall inspiration and pumpkin goodness.

Now onto this year’s pumpkin patch outfit!

Sweater / / Similar Infinity Scarf / / Skirt / / Fishnets / / Similar White Booties (more linked below!) / / Glue-on Nails

Normally, I’d be upset that the shoes don’t “match” the rest of my outfit. If I didn’t want to wear these white booties so badly, I would have worn my gray and black ones. But yo girl wanted to wear the white ones, and while the color coordination is out of my comfort zone, I think the outfit looks great!

I wanted to make sure I added a few “creepy”/edgy aspects to this outfit. Would it really be a fall Caitlyn outfit if I didn’t? That’s why I added the fishnets (my favorite type of tights), the crystal necklace, the extra rings, and my long pointy nails.

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Speaking of long pointy nails, these are glue on nails I bought for $5!!! I bought them natural, painted them gray, and them glued them on. The majority of them lasted over a week and are still on. I’m thinking about doing a whole blog post about them. Let me know if you would be interested in that below!

Shop the outfit

What do you think of white booties?

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