Celebrating One Year Blogging

I have to say it’s gotta be nothing else but fate that my one year blogging anniversary falls on my usual posting day! You read that right, I’ve been blogging for a year now. And I am so proud.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for years and that fact that I put myself out there and actually did it and haven’t given up amazes me. Because guys, there have been so many things I thought I wanted to do but gave up on when they got hard. And let me tell you, blogging is hard.

People think you can just throw together words, pictures and hit post and people will magically find you and want to read your content. Wrong. It takes hours for me to write posts, take pictures and design my graphics. And I don’t even want to talk about how long it took me to create the design of this blog (even though yes I will be changing it soon, but hopefully it will be the last time. Guys I’m so excited. It’s going to be perfect!)

To celebrate this achievement, I’m going to be stealing a page out of Amelie’s (from A Wanderer’s Adventures) book and share some of my favorite and best blog posts from the past year. (Even though she did this to celebrate 100 posts.)

Celebrating One Year Blogging: A round-up of my best posts so far! | College with Caitlyn

The most fun to write: What’s it’s Really Like to be Single in College

This was quite fun for me to write because I got to share my more funny and awkward side and make fun of my dating life. Because let me tell you, it’s a joke. I have so many funny, awkward and mortifying stories regarding boys. I should write a book.

Had the most pageviews: How to Make Friends in College

This was one of my first college related posts ever, and it’s insane how much this blew up. I noticed back in September how viral this was going on Pinterest and it’s still dragging in traffic! I’m actually thinking about doing an updated version of this soon!

The most difficult to write: My Struggle with Body Confidence

Not only was this one of the most difficult for me to write, it was one of the most difficult for me to actually hit publish on. Why? Because body image is a very touchy subject for me. Which is quite blatant when you read the post and I was scared people would think I was looking for pity. I told myself I was doing to to help other girls with the same worries as myself, and if I helped one person then it was all worth me opening up more.

My all-time favorite: Dressing Up for Classes: Should you do it?

If you didn’t know, I’m real big on dressing up for no reason. I actually refuse to wear leggings as pants, and if I do they are sports pants or pajamas. I feel so lazy if I wear sweatpants or exercise clothes to class. So I try to dress up for class!

This is my favorite because I got to share something I’m really passionate about and it actually had a great response! I got a lot more comments and shares than I expected and it’s one of the posts that draws in a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

The one I’m most proud of: Dealing with Overwhelm in College

I think I’m most proud of this one because the idea for it stemmed from my own intense overwhelm. I was able to take something very negative and turn it into one of my most shared posts which makes me insanely proud. And I actually share some tips that aren’t cliche and seen in every blog post ever, so that made me feel even better.

Most comments: What I Learned From Three Weeks without Coffee

No surprise here! Most people’s comments were split between saying how much they were addicted to coffee or how they gave it up and feel great. It made me feel really great about trying to reel back on my coffee spending and my health by taking a break. However, I’ve certainly gone back to drinking it. Now I try to buy decaf as much as possible, though.

The huge response to this also makes me excited to share similar little challenges I make for myself!

The first: Introducing Me (or Learning to Love Yourself)

Technically the first thing I posted was 15 facts about me, but my first real post was about learning to accept yourself. I started this blog with the aim to help young college students like myself navigate college through self-love and self-growth and this post definitely reflect this. And I used to call them “Words of Week.”

Oh how things have changed.

Up close and personal: Overcoming Fear in Everyday Life

This was my second (third if we’re being technical) blog post. It was still back when I was dubbing my posts “Words of the Week” so there are some quote images and quotes strewn throughout. (I did comb through and delete the excessive ones).

In this I detail my struggle with social anxiety and how just saying hi or simply making eye contact with someone makes my heart start to race.

Most fun to photograph: Child of the Corn

Amelie didn’t have this category in her post, but I’m going to throw it in! Last semester, I had a weekly fashion series that I had to give up this year because of lack of time to photograph and lack of a photographer. And because I do not dress cute in the winter anyways so there weren’t many cute outfits to share anyways.

I love shooting at this pumpkin farm because it felt so nice to get out of the urban area around my school and out towards rural area. Plus, we got lost in the corn maze so that was fun.

Just want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who has ever read one of my posts, or left a comment, or shared one! Y’all mean the world to me and I hope you know how happy you make me! I’m so glad I created this little corner on the internet a year ago and I can’t wait to see how much I’ve grown next year!

What’s your favorite post of mine? Let me know in the comments below!

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