Why I Refuse to go Greek

I’m what members of sororities and fraternities call a GDI: a goddamn independent.

Harsh but I kind of like the title because it makes me feel powerful for choosing to remain independent. Also, apparently I’m the “Vice President” of the GDI’s. A boy who used to be in a fraternity considers himself the President and he has other people standing as Standards and Recruitment and appointed me VP when he heard I’m a GDI whose best friend is in a sorority. Sadly, I don’t think it’s a position I can add to my resume or email signature.

So why don’t I join a sorority? First off, I can’t even spell it, so shoutout to spell check for helping a girl out.

But besides that I actually have quite a few legitimate reasons for choosing to remain independent of Greek affiliation. By legitimate I mean reasons that don’t include, “They’re dumb and stupid and just party.”

Why I Refuse to go Greek: but that doesn't mean you should too | College with Caitlyn

It just doesn’t fit my personality

I’m not the kind of girl who likes to be around a lot of other girls all the time. Actually, I’m not the kind of person who likes to be around a lot of people in general. Which explains why downtown areas give me anxiety.

All of my friends here at school (literally not joking – ALL of them) are affiliated, so I once asked all of them what sorority I would be in if I had gone through recruitment. They all thought for a couple minutes and came up blank. They couldn’t see me in any sorority on campus, and if that’s not a sign that I shouldn’t join then I don’t know what is.

Quick note: I do know some people who are are socially anxious or introverted that joined a sororities and completed blossomed. It’s a case by case basis, so what I’m trying to say is don’t let this one reason keep you from rushing.

I don’t want to pay for it

If you didn’t know, it costs money to be in a Greek organization. And it’s not cheap. Now I know there are payment plans and such that you can work out with your sorority, but I just don’t see the point of paying to be in an organization? I mean I can make friends and volunteer without paying for either?

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Also, I just learned this last semester, but you have to pay just to rush, too! I found out because I actually thought about going through recruitment just to see what sororities I would get bids from (and then turn them down of course), but then my good friend informed me it cost $50! Like what? No thank you. Maybe if it was $10.


I don’t want a lot of “kinda” friends

When one of my friends joined a sorority freshman year, I remember her saying how immediately her Facebook started blowing up with friend requests. So yeah, that thing about how joining a Greek organization is one of the fastest ways to make friends is true, but that doesn’t mean they’re all real friends.

I mean you’re not actual friends friends with all your Facebook friends are you?

Plus, since you are forced to be around these girls a lot for events and meetings and such, you either become friends or you’re stuck in this sort of limbo between “I have no idea who you are” and “I’m friends with her!” Which is when “kinda” friends are born.

Personally, I like to have a cap on my amount of “kinda” friends. I don’t like being around people who aren’t my friends, or who I know won’t be a good friend of mine. And that seems to be difficult to control when in a sorority.

I like to make things difficult

Bouncing off that last point, I really like to make things difficult for myself. (Just ask anyone who knows me and they could spout off at least five people on the spot). And one thing I find really difficult is making friends. So when I came to a college where I knew absolutely no one, I wanted to challenge myself to really make friends and not just have them handed to me wrapped in Greek letters.

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But what about you?

So that’s why you won’t ever see me joining a sorority. But just because I don’t want to join one, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join one!

I want to make this absolutely clear: I’m not hating on Greek organizations. I’ve seen them completely open up girls who were falling apart and help people figure out who they are. Plus, they stand for some pretty dang causes and charities, and I love that! I just can’t stand the setup of how they’re run, which has to do with who I am as a person. Meaning, what’s stopping me from joining may be way you’re dying to go through recruitment! So do it!

Basically, don’t let me and my story stop you from going Greek if that’s what you want to do.

Any other GDI’s out there? What held you back from going through recruitment? Or are you affiliated? If so, with what sorority and what made you join?

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