Season Synesthesia

Happy Holidays!

Wait…I think I’m a little too soon.

I think I’m a tad bit confused. It feels like summer, looks like fall, but for some reason my subconscious was like, “No it’s Christmas-time!”

Just a little three season crossover. No biggie.

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fall holiday outfit

fall holiday outfit

I look like a little kid on Christmas, don’t I?

Walking around campus in this made me feel so off. My outfit colors made me want to start singing “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,” but I was sweating! The sweat dampening my back made me think Christmas in July, but um….it’s the middle of October?

It was all a bit disorienting.

fall holiday outfit blanket scarf

fall holiday outfit blanket scarf

fall holiday outfit blanket scarf

fall holiday outfit blanket scarf

how to wear blanket scarf

Scarf (Under $20!!!) // Tank top // Bra (Only $20!!!) // Similar Skirt // Similar Belt // Similar Shoes (more here and here)

Normally, I would never wear a scarf belted. I had seen people do it before, but it just never seemed like the kind of thing I would like. I threw it on like this because my outfit felt too bland beforehand, and wearing it like a normal scarf made me sweat too much. I made it through the day without taking it off, but I’m still on the fence about the style.

I loved how it felt like I was getting a warm hug all day, and like I was wearing a feather boa (which made me feel fab, let me tell you), but I also felt a little silly. The scarf felt like it was adding bulk, and that’s not really something I’m looking to add to an outfit.

The best thing about wearing a scarf like this is it saves you from Marilyn Monroe moments! My campus is crazy windy, so usually wearing a skirt is out of the question, but having something heavy like a blanket scarf to hold it down prevented those embarrassing moments from happening!

how to style blanket scarf

Blooper photo of the week!!

I had a few I could’ve used, but I chose this one because it reminded me of a friend from high school who would always say, “Wiki wiki.” Like they were mixing records, like a DJ? Is mixing the correct term? Whatever the term was, it was always so cute when she did it, so this photo is a tribute to her!

Is anyone else having trouble deciding whether to dress for the weather or the season? Have you ever worn a scarf belted before? What ways have you been stepping out of your fashion comfort zone? Let me know in the comments below!

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