Why I Enjoy Taking Myself on Dates

Why I Love Taking Myself on Dates: Plus 15 self date ideas | College with Caitlyn

Have you ever been out and seen a cute couple eating together at a restaurant or sharing popcorn at the movies, and thought about how you wish you had someone to take you out on a date?

Because same.

I know that in my very essence I’m a relationship person. I can tell because I love doing things for other people just to make their day and see them smile. I love planning elaborate surprises and planning gifts for half a year just to make sure they’re perfect. Quality relationship material I do think so myself.

But, I haven’t been in a relationship in months. Well, not a romantic one anyways. And sure, it feels just as great to do all these things for my friends, but sometimes I want someone to do something elaborate for me too. I’m not saying my friends don’t, but I can’t always count on others to bring me happiness.

That’s why I take myself out on dates.


Before I came to college it was almost unheard of for me to go out alone (unless it was shopping, duh). I didn’t want to look stupid. But then I moved across the country to go to college and was suddenly without my trusted movie buddy. I was faced with a decision: either not seeing the new movie I had been dying to see, or suck it up and just go alone.

Can you guess what I did?

That one self date made me fall in love. Now I actually prefer going to the movies alone, and actually went last week to finally see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

self date to movies

I’ve also taken myself out to brunch and lunch. Now, I just have to step it up a notch and take myself out to dinner, because we all know dinner time is the real date time.

Sure, I got some weird looks each time I went out to eat alone, and each time I go out alone, I always have to explain to the host that I’m not waiting for anyone and that I’m ready for a table, but I don’t mind anymore. I revel in that moment of them realizing I’m confident enough to go out alone.

Self date out to breakfast

Besides going to see movies alone and eating out alone, I also want to start going places like museums, little coffee shops, and other places alone, too.

Coming up with real date ideas is hard enough, so I totally understand how coming up with self-date ideas could be even more difficult! I mean you can’t go bowling or putt-putting solo; some things are just too insanely weird to do alone and those are two of them.

So what can you do? I came up with 15 ideas for you!

Self Date Ideas | College with Caitlyn

I know some people can feel uncomfortable at first when they take themselves out, but it felt natural to me. I’ve always been a very independent person, so I think that’s another reason I’m so passionate about “dating” myself. I want to be okay with being alone and be comfortable doing things on my own. So while taking yourself out can improve your self-confidence itself, it can also expand your level of comfort with doing things without help.

Think about it. When you’re with someone else and you go out, you both can lean on each other to figure out any problems or issues you run into. Say you get lost downtown, but if you’re alone, you have to grow comfortable with going up to a stranger and asking for help without a crutch.

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To recap: self dates not only help you grow your self-confidence but also your level of independence. Plus, they boost your mood because they’re just plain fun.

Just maybe don’t start with going downtown alone and getting lost. That’s not very fun.

Have you ever taken yourself on a date? If so, what did you do? If not, why? And would you be willing to go on one? Let me know in the comments below!

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