September Favorites 2017

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October is here and I am so ready for it! Fall break is coming up, I can wear my favorites clothes now, wearing all black is more accepted, Halloween makeup is a thing, and Hocus Pocus is going to be in tv. I’m ready for it.

September was a pretty great month. I got a lot done and didn’t fall behind in school. Plus, I bought my dream car, but then there was tons of drama with it and the guy who sold it to me. But that’s a story for another time. Today I’m talking all the things I’ve been obsessed recently!

Let’s get right into this, shall we?

ocean tapestry society6


I never thought I would be one to own a tapestry, but I needed something to cover the large white space behind my bed. I didn’t want to hang a poster and handing a large picture frame is too much hassle in a dorm room. So I hopped on Society6 (buy through this link and you’ll get $10 off your order!) and found this calming ocean tapestry. Which you actually helped me pick out if you follow me on Twitter.

I had a few people messaging me asking how I put it up, and honestly, I just used Command poster strips. They seem to work just fine since it hasn’t fallen.

Also, I finally got some string lights to hang around it (thanks Target for being one season ahead of everything), and now that part of my room is done. All I have to do now is hang up two more pictures and then I think my room is done. Stay tuned for a dorm tour!

Instagram live

In the beginning of the month, I had some people reach out to me on Instagram and ask me to do a makeup tutorial on my story. After realizing I couldn’t even get one step in a video, I decided to do it live. It was a bit weird at first but I grew to love it! I did it every Thursday at 11 a.m. in September and I plan to continue the trend.

I don’t always walk you through exactly what I’m doing, but I do share every product I’m using and spill little makeup tricks. It’s basically a chit-chat get ready with me because I talk. A lot. Back when car salesman was a thing I talked about him a lot, I give study abroad updates and just things that are going on in my life.

If you’re busy at 11 a.m. on Thursdays, I do set it so the story stays live for 24 hours so you can watch it anytime after! I usually like to listen to live people like they’re a podcast. I just plug in my headphones, tap on their story, and get some work done while listening.

old navy trench coat

Old Navy

Old Navy has been stepping up their game man. And their prices still remain a college girl’s dream. I got quite a few things from them this month, so I’ll link them all below. However, my absolute favorites were this trench coat and these gray pixie pants!

Music Favorites

  • True Love – Ballad by Jordan Fisher >>> Ugh, this song is so freaking good. I know it’s from a kid show he was on (which I watched just to see him) but it’s amazing. There was one day where I listened to it on repeat while I was driving around
  • Demi Lovato’s new album >>> I’ve been a Demi supporter since her Unbroken album back in 2011. She’s such an amazing role model with a killer set of pipes. My favorite songs on the album are Lonely, Daddy Issues, and Games. I mean can we just talk about the lyric, “Don’t know how to commit but I might want your kid.” LOVE IT.
  • …Ready For It? and Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift >>> I wasn’t big on LWYMMD at first, but then the music video came out and I was bending over backward to watch it again. I can’t listen to it a lot but I do when I’m feeling extra sassy and fired up. So usually when I’m at the gym, but this month I listened to it a lot to vent my angry feelings towards the car dealership

pink drink

Pink drinks

This month I also came out as a closet pink drink obsessé. (I don’t think that’s a word but it sounds sophisticated so I’m keeping it). I know this is the most basic drink at Starbucks, besides the PSL, but it’s honestly amazing. And it lets me treat myself without having to pump caffeine into my veins.

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If you’ve never had it before, now is the time! No one is going to judge you for ordering a pink drink, a.k.a. last year’s drink, when there are tons of other girls ordering PSLs. You good girl.

Aerie GRL PWR corset black red

Aerie’s new bras and bralettes

I know, I know, here I go again talking about Aerie. Honestly, they should just start sponsoring me because I’m basically their personal hype girl already. It’s also my dream to be an Aerie model. Just putting that out there.

Anywho, I recently bought another bralette (yes, I know I don’t need anymore) and it’s my new favorite. I’ve been looking for a bra with the cute little straps that show and I finally found one! I had also been hunting for a nice red bra for years, and now I finally have one.

I also went to an Aerie event at the University of Cincinnati where I got one of their new real me unlined bras and some sweatpants. I was a little iffy about the bra at first because it was so thin. But then I wore it and holy cow it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn.

When I visited the store this past Sunday I picked up the bra in two more colors (a darker nude  and black) and then went home and threw out two of my most uncomfortable and old bras. Sorry, Victoria’s Secret. We’re officially breaking up.

Oh, and I also bought that corset bralette in black, too. I know, I have a bralette problem.

What were your September favorites?

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