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September is here and school is back in full swing! I feel so in order and like I have a hold of life right now and it feels amazing. I’m not too stressed with anything school related (yet) and I’m still living on that high of being back in familiar territory and being top dog around school.

Which feels hella weird by the way. Like I’m a senior? I’m the person all the freshmen look up to and want to be or want to date (LOL at them freshmen boys staring at me in the gym). It’s just a strange feeling since I haven’t been the “oldest” since high school. Wow.

Enough of that tangent because this post has nothing to do with me being a senior. It has to do with my intentions for September!

September Mood Board

My September intentions are to start stretching more often, keep up a self-care routine, watch TATBILB and allow my romantic side to run wild.

Those last two are definitely connected. Just saying.

Stretching Routine

I am awful at keeping up a good stretching routine. Which is so bad since I workout about 4 times a week. Since Abigail slightly reprimanded me about it, I’ve been a little bit better at it (Lova ya girl!), but I’m still not doing it often enough. Right now I’m currently dying after have three days of workouts and stretching maybe 5 minutes total over that time period. It’s bad.

So I’m going to try and force myself to do at least three stretches after every workout and foam roll. And I’m going to try and start going to yoga again! I used to go to yoga classes my freshmen year but had to quit when the times didn’t match up with my schedule. Right now I can go two nights a week, but I’m going to aim for once a week.

I chose that pose specifically because my hips are always so dang tight. My hip flexors are still slightly weak from an old high school injury so I really need to make sure I’m taking good care of them, and king pigeon pose is one of the best poses for stretching your hips. So the goal is to be able to do that. Within this month? Probably not, but it’s something to know that I’m working towards.

Self-care Routine

I’ve actually been really good at this since moving into my apartment at the beginning of August, but I want to make sure I keep it up when the semester starts to get more hectic. Especially if I get the new job I’m interviewing for next week! It’s for a senior position at the library downtown and I’m so excited. Send me good vibes y’all!!

Since my apartment has a half bath/half shower I can take bubble baths! So far I’ve taken one, but I will definitely be taking more soon. Maybe even one tonight. They’re perfect for after long days of class and the gym since I’ll be sore and just want to zone out and relax. Plus, I just got some new poetry books and a candle. Sounds like the perfect bubble bath to me!

The yoga I mentioned above will also play a part in this. I never feel more relaxed than I do when I’m doing a yoga sequence. I highly recommend it to anyone who deals with stress and overwhelm.

Be Romantic

I would never call myself a romantic. Not since high school. Not since I had my first heartbreak actually. Those always crush your dreams of true love, don’t they? But watching To All the Boys I Loved Before re-sparked my inner romantic, and girly girl. I’ve been wearing skirts all the time and reaching for light pinks and daintier pieces and I love it.

I’ve also been dating recently. Like real dates. Not just playing around with people. And you would know this if you listened to the podcast because I give a boy update every week. Just saying. Listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, or any other podcast apps!

Also, catch me tweeting about TATBILB forever and ever, and rewatching it on Netflix, so they do make the sequels. Movie night anyone?

One last note here, I do want to start buying myself flowers again. I used to do this when I was in Scotland and I miss it. And flowers are always romantic right? And what’s wrong with romancing yourself? That’s right, nothing.

Board Meaning

So this is probably nothing like what you thought a September mood board would look like right? You probably expected yellow leaves and candles and sweaters and pumpkins and a spookfest given my obsession with the paranormal and occult.

And while I will be enjoying my morning coffee out of my mummy mug and reading creepier stories and listening to even more spooky podcasts, I didn’t want that to define my month. Plus, I’m honestly just not ready for fall. So I’ll keep summer dreams in my mind for now.

But with fall comes the idea of back to school, which always sparks high school romance to me. Which is why I immediately wanted to center this around TATBILB. Well, that and because Peter is bae. Nuff said.

One final note: that quote in the middle? Me hinting at a fun trip at the end of this month. *wink wink*

Photo Credits:

Below are the credits I could find for all photos used in the mood board.

Top MiddleLoveHeartsArt on Etsy

Top Right – Lauren Ashley @lifetolauren

Middle Left: Kalyn Nicholson @kaylnnicholson 

What are your monthly intentions? Let me know in the comments below!

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