What it’s Really like to be Single in College

What it's Really Like to be Single in College: Everything to expect when you're looking for a real relationship, not just a casual hook-up | College with Caitlyn

I think college students, us girls especially, focus on how single we are around the new year (New Year’s kiss anyone?) and the dreaded Valentine’s day. Or Single’s Awareness day as some satirists dubbed it.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of Valentine’s day is great! It’s always nice to show the person you love how much they mean to you, but it also makes people who aren’t romantically involved (*cough cough*) feel the tiniest bit crappy. Okay, maybe really crappy.

There’s always those movements around this time of year to forget about needing a partner and celebrate yourself (which yas, you do that!), but it can be hard when you actually want to be in a relationship. Like yes, I love myself and I know I don’t need a man to complete me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one. Like I said in a recent post, I’m a relationship person down to my core, so I’m always on the prowl — I mean, trying to meet as many new boys as possible.

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And dear Lord have there been some super awkward and uncomfortable situations. I could write a whole book about all of the embarrassing things that have happened to me just in college alone that involve boys.

People don’t really tell you what it’s like to be single in college, especially not when you’re looking for more than just a casual thing, so today I’m going to give you some amusement and share, from my experience, what it’s really like to be single in college.

You’re going to complain about being single

Like a lot.

Sometimes it’ll be genuine complaining, but most of the time it’ll be comedic complaints. “I haven’t washed my hair in four days, no wonder I’m single!”

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I honestly think the best thing about being single is complaining about being single. I have a shirt that says “Single all the way” and it’s legit one of my favorite shirts. It’s just fun to make fun of yourself sometimes. Plus, then it lets all the cute boys know I’m available. Like, hey what’s up hello!

That’s a double win in my book.

You get closer to your friends

One great thing about being single in college is that then you get to spend more time with your best friends. I mean, obviously you can still hang out with them even if you are in a relationship, but from what I’ve noticed, girls in relationships spend a lot less time with their friends than single girls do.

And one of the best girl talk subjects has got to be cute boys. Like you can never go wrong with a conversation about that. Also, you know you’re finally “real” friends with someone if you talk about cute guys, like that’s just a rule.

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date best friend

People start to think you’re dating your best friend

I mean, are you really best friends if no one has questioned your sexuality?

For some reason, people like to jump to the conclusion that you’re actually anything but straight if you haven’t been in a relationship for a long time. (I’m sorry I can’t find a nice boy willing to date me okay?) But the suspicions get even greater when you and your bestie start doing literally everything together and cuddling when other people are around and calling each other babe and saying, “I love you.” And then you constantly have to tell people that no, you actually aren’t dating.

However, this trick does come in handy when boys who can’t take a hint keep trying to hit you up. “Sorry, I actually have a girlfriend.”

You get closer to yourself

I wouldn’t say you’re lonely in college if you’re single, because that’s not true, but you certainly do spend more time alone – even if you do have a ton of friends. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending some time to yourself.

Spending more time alone is something I believe to be extremely vital and beneficial, especially during college. College is a time of growing up, becoming a real adult, and figuring out what you want in your life. Which personally, I think is a lot easier to do if you’re unattached to anyone.

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Eventually you’re going to resort to online dating

Okay, maybe you don’t actually go on a date with anyone from the dating app/website, but almost every single girl I know has made an account on one and at least looked at potential baes. I mean when you’re that single, looking at a basically unlimited amount of cute boys is a pretty dang tempting option.

I’ve also known girls who don’t download apps like Tinder or Bumble themselves, but they’ll watch their friends swipe left and right and get sad when a boy they thought was hot get a left swipe. (#guilty)

You’re going to lie about having a boyfriend at some point

There never fails to be those brave souls of boys who will ask you out when you just really really aren’t interested.

Storytime: Just last semester I was eating alone in the dining hall when a very awkward (but sweet, I’ll give him that) boy came up to me and started making conversation. And then out of nowhere asked me out. I blurted out “I have a boyfriend,” and sped away as fast as I could. And I wasn’t even finished eating yet, gosh dang it.

Like props to the kid for having the guts to do it, it made me feel pretty cool that someone would want to ask me out, but you were just not my type.

I want to hear your most awkward college boy experience ever! Leave it in the comments below so we can bond over our embarrassing lives!

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