Six Must-Have Cat Supplies To Make Your Life Easier

Last summer I adopted two cats. Never have I ever been the sole caretaker for anything before. I immediately realized I had some learning to do and lots of cat supplies to buy. Through some trial and error, and amazing first finds, I’ve found six things I think every cat owner needs to know about.

You, your wallet, and your furry friend will thank you.

Cat Supply #1 – Pine Cat Litter

Stop using clay litter! I used clay litter with the cat I shared with my former roommate and it was okay, but I wanted to see if there were other options when I got my own cats. A friend of mine told me she used pine litter and it seemed interesting, so I gave it a try. And let me tell you, I used to have their litter box right next to my desk and I never smelled it. Never. 

cat sniffing pine litter box
cat sitting next to open box of pine litter

I personally use the OkoCat Unscented featherweight litter. Before that, I used the Feline Pine Natural Clumping Litter. That litter didn’t clump as well as the OkoCat one, but it did have even more nasty smell covering powers.

Cat Supply #2 – Litter Catching Mat

The only downfall to pine litter is that it can track easier over your space. I used to have to sweep the floors every single morning. Then I bought a litter catching mat. Let me tell you, what a game changer!

cat litter catching mat in front of a litter box

Now I sweep my floors about once or twice a week and really only need to sweep around the litterbox, not all over the living room. Thank goodness. Ain’t nobody got time to clean every day. 

The one I bought is a bit hard to empty, but it’s more so because my trash can isn’t as wide as the mat.

Cat Supply #3 -Cat Window Perch

Someone in my apartment complex has a window perch for their cat and I always thought it was adorable. So I got my cats one for Christmas.

At first, I thought it was a waste because they weren’t super interested in it. But after sprinkling a tiny bit of catnip on it, they really took to it. Azula sits on it every day now. Mai ventures up there a few times a week as well.

cat lounging on window perch

The window perch I got is made of mesh and Azula is an absolute savage with it. She constantly chews on the hole from the bottom to the top shelf (did I mention I got a two-tiered one?) and hasn’t destroyed it yet.

Also, the suction cups are very strong. Mai is a chonky girl and the two cats can sit on the same tier and it still holds.

Cat Supply #4 – Cat TV

Unsure how I went to long without knowing about cat TV but let me tell you: It’s a life changer!

This isn’t really a dedicated cat supply per se unless you buy some DVDs because, yes they have DVDs for cats, but more of a cat hack. Go on YouTube or Amazon Prime and search “cat tv” and thousands of results will pop up. Most of them are nature scenes with birds, mice or squirrels, but there are ones with other things as well.

I put a random bird watching one on for my cats and they sat absolutely enthralled for at least a half hour. Azula even tried to climb up into the tv. So beware of that.

There are also special videos for use on mobile devices and tablets that are interactive games for cats.

Cat tv is the perfect thing for any cat that needs a new source of entertainment. I’ve started putting it on for them while I’m away at the gym or while I’m working. Before Azula would be attacking me or my plants, but now she just watches the birds hopping in and out of frame on the screen.

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Cat Supply #5 – Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

One of the first things I did was get the cats a large scratching tree. They immediately fell in love with it. Every day — I mean night — I can hear the cats attacking it.

white cat playing on a floor to ceiling cat tree

The cat tree I have has three tiers and even spots to attach toys from the same brand. But I’m cheap so I just tied some rope and old fabric to the tree and the cats started playing with it, even more, than before.

They’ve had two other cat trees but they never took to them as much. I think they enjoy that the floor-to-ceiling cat tree has more space for scratching, things for swatting, platforms for jumping, and they can sleep on the platforms. It’s everything they need and way cheaper than those massive cat jungles.

Cat Supply #6 – Cat Food Subscriptions

Okay, this isn’t ~technically~ a product, but more of a service. Partly due to covid, and partly due to the fact that I’m lazy, I started having the cats’ food auto-shipped right from the bat. I personally use Chewy and really enjoy it.

They always email you a couple of days before your auto-ship to remind you, so you can check to see if you really need it. It took me a few tries to get the shipping times just right so I really like that they do that and don’t just charge you when you aren’t ready for your pet supplies. No one has room for extra cat food to just sit around.

Your cat’s life, and yours, will be forever change if you get even one of these six cat supplies. If I’d have to recommend just one, I’d say you absolutely have to get a litter catching mat. No more tracking litter all over your house!

Have you tried any of these cat supplies?

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6 must-have cat supplies
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