Statement Red Blanket Scarf

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First off I wanna say I’m super proud of these photos. Why? I took them myself with a tripod and my phone as a shutter release button at a park near my work. It wasn’t too crowded, but I did get passed by a couple runners, some couples on evening walks, and a dad with his little kid.

Said dad told the kid I was taking pictures of the bridge. Not sure if he actually thought that’s what I was doing or if he just didn’t want to tell the kid some narcissistic girl was taking pictures of herself.

I love the sassiness of these first few photos. My little sister and I literally spent about 15 minutes coming up with funny captions for them, too. We came up with:

  • Texting Becky with the good hair like
  • When bae tells you to lose the attitude
  • When someone tries to test me
  • When he starts the “we can be friends” talk but you already on Bumble looking for a new bae
  • When someone interrupts me
  • When someone tries to argue with you even though you know you’re right
  • When he says he’s not like other guys

Which is your favorite? Or if you have a funny caption leave it for me in the comments!!

Scarf // Similar Turtleneck // Skirt // Similar Tights // Similar booties // Lipstick

This outfit came out of the fact that I really wanted to wear these booties with socks and tights because I saw Hannah do it a couple times on her Instagram. I really want to get socks with frills on the end like her’s though! I actually had to wear socks like that for a few years in elementary because I had a uniform. Anyone else have to wear dress socks to school as a kid?

Anyway, half of my closet is just black, gray or white so I have the perfect neutral winter closet. I like really monotone outfits with a pop of color or two, so the winter color scheme is more my style. I didn’t plan on wearing this scarf, but it was too warm for a coat and too cold to not add anything so I threw this on to match my lipstick.

That night at the dining hall a random girl actually came up to me and told me she had to come up and tell me she loved my outfit, and shoes, and red lips. So that made my night.

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