Summer Clothing Haul | Old Navy, Forever 21, Target & Thrift Shop

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One of the things I was dying to do after I got home from Europe was to go on a shopping spree. Nothing beats being able to buy as much clothing as you want and not having to worry about fitting it all in your suitcases home.

I was the most excited about hitting up Old Navy and Forever 21. But I also went to Target, a local consignment shop, and some random shoe store in the mall. If you follow me on Instagram then you actually help me pick out which shoes I bought there!

I’ve actually never done a blog haul before (unless you count my What I Got for Christmas post) so I’m very interested to see how this goes. YouTube hauls are usually more my thing, but I don’t think I’ll be filming anything until I get moved into my apartment in August. But still let me know if you’d rather have blog or YouTube hauls for future reference!


I only got one piece of clothing at Target: a green medium support sports bra.

green target sports bra

I saw it a couple weeks ago but passed it up because it was $19.99. Twenty bucks for a sports bra? Nah, this girl needs a bargain. But then last weekend I was at Target again and just couldn’t bring myself to pass it up after thinking about it on and off for two weeks.

That’s actually a good rule on how to save money. Don’t impulse buy anything, especially full price items. Instead, wait a couple days and if you’re still thinking about it then go out and get it. That little trick has probably saved my bank account hundreds of dollars.

Anyway, this sports bra has removable pads, and extra support straps in the back, which is lovely because then I can run without my boobs hurting. I would definitely say $20 for a good running sports bra isn’t bad.

I actually didn’t try this on before I left the store, but lucky for me it fits perfectly! For reference, I got a size medium and I’m a 34C.

Consignment Shop

There’s this amazing consignment shop in Northern Kentucky that my grandma showed me years ago and every time I visit her I always have to run over there to search through the racks. It’s called Classy and Sassy(which ME) and usually gets donations from more so older women with nice budgets, making the clothing pieces really nice quality stuff.

One of my favorite things about Classy and Sassy is that they have three or four different prices on each item. So as the item sits in the shop and no one buys it, the price goes down. I love finding things that are about to be taken off the rack so they are at their ultimate lowest price.

blue dress and black nike shorts

I got these Nike running shorts from there. They literally still had the tags on deeming them $30, but Classy and Sassy had them on sale for like eight bucks. SCORE!

blue dress and diamond earringsblue dress and diamond earrings

I also got this blue dress for work and these sun-shaped “diamond” earrings. I buy a lot of my work clothes from thrift shops because they are so much cheaper that way! Like this super classy dress for like $10! I wore it to work last week and felt like Felicity Smoak. Honestly, the best way to feel at work right?

I haven’t worn these earrings yet, but I needed new diamond earrings since I lost half the only pair I have in January. So I was long overdue for some new ones.

Forever 21

I never knew I would miss Forever 21 so much. Not that I missed it while I was there, but I certainly was so excited to be back in the store. That may have been more so because the store actually had a huge selection of clothing I liked, unlike when I went to Forever 21 before I left for Europe.

The first thing that caught my eye was this bright green one piece. This is actually my favorite color green, and it’s always been so hard for me to find clothing in this color, but apparently, the Universe has been on my side lately.

I got a size large and it fits super well!! It doesn’t cut down in the back or sides as much as my Aerie super scoop one piece and doesn’t ride up my butt as much, so it’s perfect for when I want to be a bit more modest.

green one piece and blue striped button up

The only other thing I got from Forever 21 was this sleeveless striped button-up. I almost got it in black and white, but I have so many white shirts, and blue looks better with my eyes. Plus, I’m still super Scotland pale so white doesn’t look all too hot on me right now.

blue striped top and brown shoesbrown flats

I didn’t get these shoes from Forever 21, but since I shot them with the shirt I got there I’ll go ahead and talk about them now.

When I was walking past a huge shoe store in the mall a pair of light blue loafers caught my eye in the window. And then my grandmas and I started arguing about whether they were blue or white. So I went in and found them. They were white.

I debated between the white and the brownand settled on brown because I already have white shoes and have been dying to get a pair of brown loafers. I would have gotten both since they were both less than $20, but I had already bought another pair of shoes at Old Navy earlier that day. Keep scrolling to see those!

Last thing about these shoes: they run a bit small so I had to half-size up, but they are so comfy. They have a thin layer of memory foam inside which is heavenly.

Old Navy

Last but not least, we have the holy grail of clothing finds for all millenials: Old Navy.

I went ham here and I’m not mad about it because they were having their Fourth of July sale. Most of these pieces are actually still on sale, so if you want to match me be sure to pick them up sooner than later!!

outfit from old navy: striped shorts, pink flats, black tee

As soon as I saw this workout tank I immediately thought of the girls over at The Swirl Blog. Those ladies love their coffee too and have some cute coffee related paraphernalia.

Then, as I mentioned in my July Mood Board post, I got these striped shorts! They are supposed to be 5-inch inseam, but I can’t stand long shorts so I roll them up twice to make them shorter. And because Kentucky is too hot to not be doing that honestly.

old navy pink flats and dress

Then I got this absolutely adorable pink palm tree dress that I cannot wait to wear! It’s just like thee cami dresses they sold last year, and I own in black, but it’s new and improved and has thicker straps and no itchy ruched material on the back. Woop woop.

This looks so beachy and I’m totally going to bringing it to wear to dinner when I go to Virginia Beach for my birthday in August!

old navy pink flats and dressold navy pink flats

The very last thing I got was this pair of light pink flatsI mentioned earlier. They’re a tad bit too big for me (I went a size up because they were out of my size) but they don’t slip off when I walk.

I used to have a pair of pink flats, but I got rid of them back in January when I realized how dirty and ripped up they were from owning them for six years. About time for a new pair am I right? And $10 for a new pair of flats was not something I was about to complain about.

They claim to be water and stain repellent, but we’ll see how that pans out when I have to walk to class in the pouring rain in the fall. Hoping for a miracle but I don’t have high expectations.


So that’s all the clothing I’ve bought recently. I hope you enjoyed this style of post, but be sure to let me know if you’d rather me do YouTube videos for future hauls!

What clothing piece would you buy?

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