Taking Advantage of Back to School Sales as a College Graduate

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I may never have to show up to a classroom at the end of summer ever again (hopefully) but you bet I’m always going to be shopping those back to school sales. We are a bargain hunter in this house and will always accept a discount. Gotta take whatever we can get now that we can’t get a student discount anymore, right?

I’m super excited about today’s post because it’s sponsored by Kohl’s and y’all I used to shop at Kohl’s all the time for BTS clothes. I’d go with my mom and we’d use all her Kohl’s Cash and it was a good time.

Speaking of back to school and saving money, right now (from 8/2-8/18) Kohl’s is running a back to school offer where you can get $10 off your $50 purchase and can be used on all Mudd apparel! Whether you’re actually buying clothes for going back to high school or college, or just wanting to take advantage of the sales as a broke college graduate, Kohl’s has you covered with cute pieces that won’t deplete your hard-earned summer cash.

I teamed up with them to showcase some of their pieces from their juniors Mudd line. Which spoiler alert, you may have to size up since it’s juniors, but it’s usually cheaper than shopping in the women’s section. What a fun life hack am I right?

Now let’s get on to these back to school outfits!

Loose Button Down and Jean Skirt

wearing mudd button down and jean skirt
wearing mudd gray button down

This is totally an outfit I could have seen high school and college and current Caitlyn wearing. A classic button down is always easy to style for any fashion sense you may have.

Plus, combining the shirt with a short skirt will make wearing long sleeves in the still warm summer/fall months easy! I would also like to add how light and breathable this shirt it without being see-through! No one wants to have to add another layer and wear a cami underneath a shirt, am I right ladies?

wearing mudd button down and jean skirt
back to school fashion: wearing mudd button down and jean skirt

Button Down / / Jean Skirt / / Faux Diamond Earrings

While I may have styled this a little more risque by leaving the top so far unbuttoned, it’d be easy to make this school or work appropriate by just buttoning it up once more.

I absolutely love these two pieces together though because the straight line of buttons does wonders to slim your body and is just a cool detail to the outfit.

Peasant Top for a Teacher Look

wearing yellow floral peasant top
back to school fashion: wearing yellow floral peasant top

As soon as I had this shirt on my photographer (aka my sister) noted how much like a brand new teacher. So if you’re starting student teaching, or having your first classroom this year, this is proof you can still shop in the junior’s section to find pieces for you!

The pearl earrings I added definitely added the last touch to make me seem like a young professional, too.

wearing yellow floral peasant top
back to school fashion: wearing yellow floral peasant top

Yellow Peasant Top / / Pearl Earrings

This shirt is definitely not my usual style, besides the yellow color, but it was fun to figure out what to pair it with. You could easily grab you own pair of Mudd jeans to wear this peasant top with and have a fun, flirty outfit ready for any semi-nice occasion you have. Or just want to look cute for the class you share with your crush.

The best part about this blouse is that it comes in a myriad of colors and patterns, so if yellow isn’t your style, I’d say check to see if they have your favorite color!

Black Jumpsuit

mudd black culotte jumpsuit

This last outfit is for all my girls out there who are like me and looooove to dress up for class. Guilty.

While a jumpsuit may seem a little much for a casual day at school, I beg to differ. Why? Because jumpsuits are cozy as hell and it looks like you tried a lot harder than just throwing on one piece of clothing. Like a dress, but more modest, you know?

mudd black culotte jumpsuit
back to school fashion: mudd black culotte jumpsuit

Culotte Black Jumpsuit

Also, I have to note that this jumpsuit is made of one of the softest materials I’ve ever felt! Which is enough reason for me to buy it, but I don’t know about you. I was going to pair this with a pair of black hoops to up the anti, but forgot them at the shoot! Sad face.

I had so much fun styling these pieces from Mudd for y’all! If you liked any of the pieces I showcased, then there’s a high chance you’ll love a lot of the other items in their back to school line, too! Or even if you didn’t like any, Kohl’s has a huge collection of items for back to school and I obviously couldn’t show everything, so take the risk and check them out! Especially since they are running their BTS special right now.

So, head to your local Kohl’s now, or shop online, and get $10 off your $50 BTS purchase now through August 18th, which can be used on all Mudd, SO, or Candie’s apparel!

Have you ever shopped at Kohl’s before?

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