I’m Thankful for my Friends

In honor of Thanksgiving being this month, I’m starting a new series about being thankful: Thankful Thursday! Every Thursday of this month I’m going to be sharing some people in my life who I extremely thankful for. For the first installment, I’m going to be telling my friends why I’m thankful to have them in my life.



Thank you for sticking with me through all the moves, time zones, different states, and now different countries! Because we’ve made it through all those moves and time zones and going to different high schools, I know you will always be there for me and there is nothing that can tear us apart. I mean we’ve made it this far haven’t we?

You’ve helped me through some of my toughest times and put up with my rather obsessive tendency towards boys. Especially during my Bieber Fever days. Thank you for making the “That Should Be Me” music video with me. Great memories man!

Thank you for bringing out my dance fever. I don’t think I would have ever developed my love of dancing if we never became friends. You are truly my favorite dance partner. Remember when I taught you how to slow dance in your kitchen before prom?

Thank you for introducing me to two of my all-time favorite artists today: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Thank you for going to both a T. Swift and an Ed Sheeran concert with me.

I feel like I belong when I talk to you. Anytime we’re texting, Snapchatting, FaceTiming or hanging out (man it’s been a hot minute since we’ve done that), you calm me down and make me feel wonderful inside. You can honestly make anything better.

Thank you for being my forever friend.



Our relationship may have started out strangely, and let’s be honest it’s still really strange. To this day you say you don’t know why you invited me to your birthday party in seventh grade, but I think I finally figured out why: it was fate. We were destined to be best friends! I mean we’re practically perfect for each other! No matter how long we spend apart, when we hang out it’s like we were never apart.

To this day there is no one I feel more comfortable around. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. When I’m down, you always know how to make my day with your cute messages and Snapchats. It almost always brings me to tears when you text me saying you miss me and I’m the only person who doesn’t annoy you. Thank you for telling me I’m the only person you like to shop with.

Thank you for always making me laugh so hard that everyone at NKU thinks I’m insane. Thank you for having screenshot worthy conversations with me all the time.

Thank you for sharing my love of historical movies and hot British guys. Speaking of British things and hot guys, thank you for getting me into Doctor Who and Supernatural.

Thank you for missing me so much that you paid for half my flight to visit you, and thank you for all the food and Ubers you paid for while I was there. Thank you for making me food, and trying sour candies with me, and introducing me to the Mummy movies. Thank you for watching American Horror Story with me, and never watching it without me.

Thank you for always being there to listen to my rants, give me grown up advice and to make me feel like the teenager I am, instead of the grandma I act like. Thank you for being someone I can actually hold intellectual conversations with and not hate you afterwards.

Thank you for accepting me for who I am, and always knowing what to say to make me feel good. But most of all, thank you for the GOALS shirt.

Thank you for being the bestest friend ever.


date best friend

Thank you for making me feel like a wonderful friend and beautiful person. You always say I’m photogenic and respond to my photos with comments that make me feel gorgeous. Thank you for always telling me I look cute. I love that you call me an amazing friend and that you told Zhaeda that she needs to get a friend like me and that you support my blog. Thank you for always taking pictures for me without complaining. (Well, most of the time.)

Thank you for understanding my love of student teacher books and thank you for all our late night talks. Thank you for sharing your bed with me when I needed somewhere to go, even though that’s not something you like to do.

Thank you for getting me back into Dancing with the Stars. Thank you for all the cuddle sessions and making me feel like I belong at NKU. Thank you for making me realize that I am not alone.

Thank you for pushing me to get involved on campus, and volunteering with me. Thank you for driving me places I needed to go last year. Thank you for introducing me to new music and trying to teach me how to dance. Thank you for sharing my love of Taylor Swift.

Thank you for keeping me sane at Halloween Haunt. Without you I probably would have peed my pants multiple times.

Thank you for trusting me to give you advice and to tell me important things going on in your life. Thank you for making me feel like I matter.

Thank you for being a great friend.



I don’t know what it is about you, but I feel perfect when I’m around you. You can always make me smile. You’re such a kind-hearted person, and you never fail to make me feel good.

Thank you for being weird with me and giving me a sleeve of temporary tattoos and making insane dance videos with me. I will treasure those forever. Thank you for not calling me crazy and running the other way when I first asked you to take a picture of my outfit.

I was scared of you leaving NKU because I thought we would lose touch, but I don’t think we have. We may not talk as much as I want to, but when we’re together it’s like we were never apart. Thank you for driving so far just to meet us for a few short hours together and then having to drive home early the next morning. I know I would not have loved NKU as much as I did if I hadn’t met you last year. I’ve never gotten so close so fast to someone before. That only proves how amazing of a person you are.

I remember when you told me you wanted me to be a bridesmaid in your wedding and I couldn’t stop smiling that whole night. Thank you for making me feel like someone important.

Thank you for sharing your bed with me countless times, even though I’m apparently really annoying to sleep with and I always pushed you up against the wall and stole the blanket. Thank you for trying to make Sunday brunch a thing with me, and sharing my love for biscuits. Thank you for putting up with my obsession with public transportation and not disowning me after the great bus fiasco.

Thank you for giving me your cable log-in so I could watch The Night Manager when I was on vacation. You the real MVP.

Thank you for sharing my obsession with cute boys.

Thank you for being a true friend.

Make sure you let your friends know how thankful for them you are! What are the names of you friends who you are thankful for? What makes your friends so amazing? Let me know in the comments below!

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