I’m Thankful for My Parents

Happy Thankful Thursday! This week I’m going to be sharing why I’m thankful for two of the most important people in my life: my parents.



Thank you for always pushing me to be the best that I can be. Thank you for keeping me on top of assignments in school, and for instilling the habit of doing homework right after school into my brain (even if I don’t do that today, whoops).

Thank you for making me believe I am capable of great things.

Thank you for always taking care of my laundry and making my bed. Those are definitely two things I took for granted growing up.

Thank you for teaching me to stand up for myself, and not being afraid to ask questions in the classroom or workplace.

Thank you for being an inspiration to me. I’ll never understand how you stay so on top of life and always manage to keep the house spotless. I can manage to stay on top of life, but keeping my dorm spotless? It just doesn’t happen.

Thank you for always tagging me in things regarding Justin Bieber, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Hiddleston on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for all the times you were my alarm clock. I have no idea how you managed to wake up so early all these years, and still do it for Lauren today.

Thank you for being super protective and always making sure I got to school, work or my friend’s house okay. I know I complained about having to text you all the time, but it feels nice to know that someone cares so deeply about you.

Thank you for being an amazing mother.



Thank you for being my running buddy, and go-to person to talk about my fitness achievements. I always loved running with you because you pushed my to go faster, without really forcing me to, since you adjusted your pace to mine. Thank you for slowing down for me, otherwise I never would have run so much with you. Also, thanks for the breathing technique you taught me, I still use it and have even taught it to others.

Thank you for teaching me some of the army cadences. My favorites are Drip Drop, I Found a Peanut and I’m Gunna Go Eat Worms.

Thank you for showing up to most (if not all) of my track and cross country meets, and cheering me on loud enough for me to hear you on the backstretch. Oh, and thanks for always driving me home.

Thank you for teaching me how to drive, and not freaking out in the passenger’s seat when I was driving. And thank you for letting me listen to my radio stations no matter if I was driving or not.

Thank you for sharing my love of Spite Malice. (I can’t wait for you to come home so I can’t beat both you and Grandma.)

Thank you for introducing me to the beauty of nature when I was little, by taking me fishing. I know I lost my love of the outdoor until very recently, but it is back now and I have actually kind of missed fishing.

Thank you for all the times you’ve driven me to the airport, including the time you drove me and my friends to the airport for Denver, and picked us up and took us home.

Thank you for all the times I got to drive your truck. I always loved driving her (note I didn’t say it), because she made me feel powerful. Driving a truck is just super cool.

Thank you for being the best dad ever.

Why are you thankful for your parents? Let me know in the comments below!

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