What I Wore for Thanksgiving — Thriver Dress w/ Pockets

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Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you had a great day with your family, your friends, your pets, or even just yourself. I had a great time cuddling my aunt’s cat and may or may not have tried to take her home with me.

I thought about posting this before Thanksgiving because that’s what most bloggers do. They give you outfit ideas before the holiday comes around, but sometimes I feel like that’s trying too hard to get affiliate clicks. Not shaming any bloggers who do that, I mean I use affiliate links too, but it felt more natural to post this outfit after the holiday, so here we are!

I hope that didn’t offend anyone, it’s just personal opinion!

A photographer and her client actually showed up while I was taking these with my tripod and I got so embarrassed. They asked if they could use the bridge so I made my way over to the path instead and I’m lowkey really bitter about it too because I was there first.

But I’m too nice to argue, so a background change it was.

Boots / / Dress / / Similar scarf/ / Lipstick

Okay, so let’s talk about this dress because I am o b – f r e a k i n g – s e s s e d. Like it has pockets! And it’s long sleeve! And it’s literally one of the softest things I own! And the cut actually flatters my body shape unlike most other dresses like this one. I think it has something to do with the pockets and the way they draw attention.

The only downside to this dress is that I thought it was gray, not green. But I’m actually glad it ended up being green because it feels so much more like fall and this girl could use some color in her wardrobe. Literally though, half my closet is either black, white or gray.

This dress is actually from the online store Thriver. I just discovered this brand recently, and I’m in love. It was started by a mother and daughter in the Oregon, which I love because the PNW will always hold a dear place in my heart. And I actually have a discount code you can use! Enter code “CAITLYN” at checkout and get 10% your whole order!! I will definitely be placing another order soon and this orange cardigan and this graphic coffee tee may be included.

I can’t wait until their winter collection comes out!

What did you wear on Thanksgiving?

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