The Best Creepy Podcasts

So I have this huge obsession with creepy things, and this one hundred percent includes creepy podcasts. I blow through them like crazy because anything horror related is my obsession, and gets me in the mood for fall. I honestly don’t really like fall all that much, I just love the spooky vibes it brings!

Without further adieu, here’s my list of the best creepy podcasts:

The Grave Talks

The Grave Talks is hosted by Tony Brueski, a host with an amazing podcast voice. (People’s voices can really make or break a podcast for me.) The Graves Talks is a podcast that chooses a different location every week and Tony interviews a person close to that location.

Two of my favorite episodes were the ones about the USS Hornet and the Queen Mary. The people interviewed for those episodes were just super interesting and actually worked on the ships, so it was cool to get first-hand accounts. That’s one thing I love about this podcast, you get real people’s accounts of all these haunted places across America.

I honestly don’t listen to every episode. I just pick and choose the episodes that cover locations I’m interested in.

A new episode is released every Monday.

Serial Killers Podcast

Serial Killers

I actually haven’t listened to this podcast for quite a while, but that’s because it gave me nightmares. So this is podcast is pretty creepy. But then again, I always listened to it to fall asleep, so it giving me nightmares was more likely my fault than the actual content’s fault.

Anyway, Serial Killers is a Parcast Network podcast and hosted by Greg Polcyn, a guy with the best podcast voice ever, and Vanessa Richardson. They discuss a famed serial killer’s young life and what may have caused them to start a killing spree, and then go into how they kill and how they got caught in the end. I’ve actually learned so much about psychology from this podcast! 

Most serial killers are broken up into two episodes, but there are some that only take up one episode. New episodes are released every Monday.

The Black Tapes

So I finished this whole podcast in a week. That’s how gosh dang good it is.

The Black Tapes podcast tells the story of Alex Reagan and her team at PNW Stories as she becomes involved with Richard Strand, a man who will offer up a million dollars to anyone who has proof of the paranormal. So throughout the show, you hear the debunking of multiple “paranormal” sightings.

The show has three seasons, and honestly has a really crappy ending, but the first and second seasons had been hooked and had me screaming, “What just happened!?”

I think I like this podcast so much because it was documentary style and actually followed people’s lives, and didn’t just tell other people’s stories.

Update: after researching the dumb ending to this podcast I discovered that the characters are actually fictional and I feel like I’ve been lied to. Especially since both Alex and Richard had active Twitter accounts running during the time of the show!


This is my all-time favorite creepy podcast ever. I discovered it from Lizze over at & She’s Brave last fall and got all caught up by the first weekend in January. Since then, I’ve been trying not to listen to it to rack up another Lore binge listen, but I just get too excited and always listen to them a few days after they are released.

The host, Aaron Mahnke, has the most relaxing voice ever. He’s also an author and has a couple books out as well. Some are fiction horror stories and others are to accompany the podcast. I’m dying to get my hands on the two books that are related to Lore, but they are $28 a piece and I’m having issues justifying that. Maybe I’ll treat myself when fall rolls around. We’ll see.

New episodes are released every two weeks on Monday.

Astonishing Legends

So I randomly found this podcast when I searched for something similar to Lore. It’s much more chill and obviously not scripted which is nice every once in a while.

Astonishing Legends is hosted by Forrest and Scott, two highly passionate and super funny guys that are a blast to listen to. Their episodes remind me of just chatting with friends about spooky stuff so I listen to it when I need some company.

Plus, their shows are never too scary. I’ve only been freaked out listening to their show about stuff getting stuck in people’s ears and another one about a spirit haunted two siblings. The cool thing about Astonishing Legends is that they cover topics other “creepy” podcasts don’t. Meaning, not every episode is about an apparition, they are actually known for their love of the Amelia Earhart disappearance and have four or five episodes on it.

Their schedule is a bit different and a rough suggestion. They try to upload a new show once a week for three weeks and then take a week off.

Haunted Places podcast

Haunted Places

This is another Parcast podcast hosted by Greg Polycyn! I listened to this for the very first time on my flight to Europe so it holds a very dear place in my heart.

Haunted Places is a podcast that is definitely a lot more scripted and dramatized than others. Greg always tells the history behind a place in mini-stories is if he were the character living it or if the listener were. This makes it a lot creepier, but I’m honestly not a big fan of the style so I only listen to it when I run out of other things to listen to.

New episodes are released every Thursday. 

Two Girls One Ghost

This is a very chill podcast hosted by Corinne and Sabrina. The girls are best friends who Skype at night and tell each other creepy stories that have happened to them, they found online, and emailed stories sent in by listeners.  The girls make the topic funny but scary at the same time. Meaning it’s easy to listen to when you’re home alone at night.

Two Girls One Ghost is slightly scripted, since the girls have a general topic in mind, but they also go off topic and on tangents as well. I think they way they have episodes set up is super fun and original. They choose a topic together, but then they each go off and find a different story to share on that topic and don’t tell the other. So they are also scaring each other while they’re scaring you.

New episodes are released every Sunday and every other Wednesday.

Graveyard Tales

A creepy podcast hosted by two grown southern men with amazing hick accents? Sounds like my kind of podcast. The two hosts are Adam and Matt, whose accents make even the scariest things seem like a joke. And they have a killer intro. It’s definitely one of the coolest podcast intros I’ve heard!

Graveyard Tales is a fun way to get your spooky stories without being scared to death at night. Matt and Adam are honestly the funniest podcast hosts I’ve ever listened to! They start the show with random thoughts related to their life and then move into a topic. The show isn’t 100% scripted, but they certainly follow an outline to keep the show structured.

New episodes are released every Friday.

And that’s my current list of creepy podcasts! I’m always finding more and more creepy podcasts since I listen to them at work, while I do homework, and sometimes to fall asleep. What I mean by that is I’m going to keep this list updated as I find more and more, so make sure you bookmark this post or save it to Pinterest and keep coming back for more!

What creepy podcasts do you listen to?

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