Less than Two Months Left Abroad

I’ve been saying this for over a week now but I still can’t believe it’s true. I really do have less than two months left here in Europe. Literally 53 days. This is insane to me because I feel like I haven’t been here that long already!

I have made quite good use of the time I’ve had here though, especially in the past month since I updated you last. So let’s just dive quickly into it!

Recent Travels

I packed in five trips/tours in the past month. I plan on doing full posts for two of them as well (Oxford and Ireland!) so stay tuned for those to come!


The first trip of the month was down into England again to the picturesque town of Chester. I visited here along with Kay from Chasing Kay Light and it was our first time ever meeting, but omg I love her so much and can’t wait to hang out with her again. We clicked so much and Kay if you’re reading this I hope I’m not freaking you out with how enthusiastic I’m being.

But also, she’s gorgeous and the perfect model. Just saying.

chasing kay light in Chester

To see a little more insight into why we chose Chester, and what we got up to, you can check out this post where I talked about my outfit there and also our day trip.

One more thing though, I stopped to look at a street artist’s paintings while there because they had Daleks in them! Then I realized that he had done almost exclusively Doctor Who themed paintings based in Chester so I bought one. It’s currently pinned up in my room. And here’s the artist showing off a commissioned piece of his.

street artist chester doctor who

Argyll Forest and Dunoon Tour

Literally, the day after I went to Chester I had another early wakeup call for a tour. This was a tour with the same company I took to go to Loch Ness, Student Tours Scotland, and is literally the best tour company I think I will ever encounter. Gary, the owner and the only tour guide, is seriously the sweetest and funniest guy you’ll meet.

gary student tours scotland argyll forest

He kept us entertained with stories from past tours and legends surrounding the area.

Argyll forest was gorgeous and made me miss the PNW again. But honestly, when am I not missing it though? #WestCoastBestCoast

argyll forest

puck's glen argyll forest scotland

Aside from doing the big tree walk in Argyll Forest, we also walked through Puck’s Glen which was definitely the kind of place you would imagine fairies and leprechauns running wild.

After the forest walk, we went to some old castle ruins and stopped at a little beach on the River Clyde. Then we went back to Dunoon where we killed time waiting for the ferry back to Glasgow.

river clyde

river clyde

Some couple was making a fire and when they walked away I started using it as a focal point to add depth to my photos, but then they came back and got annoyed. Lol oops

dunoon scotland house

dunoon scotland

Dunoon really was a sleepy little beach town. It actually used to be a booming beach town, but lost popularity after American soldiers left and moved elsewhere a couple decades ago.


Next stop, Hogwarts!

I don’t want to go into too much detail here since I’m in the middle of writing up a full post about my weekend in Oxford with Kat, but I’ll give you a few sneak peek photos of the Harry Potter filming locations we visited!

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me which scenes these locations were used for in the films!

Third Uni Tour

My uni took us to Hermitage Trail, Perth, and Scone Palace for the March tour.

Hermitage Trail wasn’t all that interesting to me honestly. Argyll Forest was much prettier, but we had actually had such good weather on the day of this tour that we did see a rainbow near one of the waterfalls!

Perth wasn’t all that cool either, but we had gorgeous weather which was all that mattered to us. After a quick lunch and walk around Perth, we headed off to Scone Palace, which unfortunately we weren’t allowed to go in because it wasn’t open yet. We did, however, get to see all the gorgeous (and slightly terrifying) peacocks roaming the ground!

peacocks at scone palace

peacocks at scone palace

There was a completely white peacock, too! I didn’t take a photo of it though and now I regret it.

The absolute highlight of the whole day was the maze on the palace grounds! All the leaves were dead since it’s too cold here still, but it was gorgeous! We saw yet another rainbow as well!

rainbow scone palace maze

scone palace maze fountain

The lighting and scenery made for an amazing backdrop, so I had my friend take some photos of me as well. Here’s a little behind the scenes of that!

bts photoshoot scone palace maze


The the most exciting trip of all! Ireland was literally a dream and I wish I had been able to study abroad there like I originally wanted. I didn’t think it would be so different from Scotland, but trust me when I say there is a major culture and landscape difference.

I don’t have any photos for you, but here are my two vlogs from the weekend!

Final Coursework

There are only two weeks left of classes before we have a week’s break and then exams. I literally didn’t realize we only had two weeks left until I pulled up my calendar just now to check. I could not be happier that classes are almost over!! The coursework for my classes has been stressing me out!! Which you would not have guessed if you read last month’s update since I said school here was easy. Lol no I was wrong.

I’ve finished one of my three final projects and will be finishing the second one tonight since it’s due tomorrow. Then I have to get on my last one real quick since it’s due in two weeks. The one I’m working on now is really stress inducing because it reminds me a lot of the assignments I did in my CS class last semester that I always had to ask for help for my friends from. But I don’t know anyone in this class and the professor hasn’t been very helpful.

Oh well, I only need to get 40% to pass and I’m pretty confident I could get at least 50%. Shout out to low student expectations in Scotland!

I Broke my Phone

Another really stressful thing that happened to me is that I completely ruined my iPhone. I dropped it in Galway and got a little crack on the screen and upper right-hand corner, which was honestly a blessing because usually when I break iPhone I completely shatter them. But by Sunday night when I was at the airport to leave, the touch screen stopped working. Thank goodness I had my iPad with me to keep people updated about whether I made it back to Scotland and such.

The next day I went and had my screen replaced, and it worked fine until it started short-circuiting and restarting every 60 seconds. To which the guy at Apple said he had no remedy for and that I would need to buy a new phone. So I just left and bought a much cheaper android phone to use until I go home.

But even though it was like a third of the cost of the cheapest iPhone here, it still set me back a lot of money and I don’t like I’ll be able to make it to France anymore. So that’s sad. But life goes on! And I may be keeping an android when I get back to the states as well. We’ll see.

First Clubbing Experience

Since I last updated you, I’ve also gone to my first real club! I had been to one 18-and-over club back in Kentucky, but those are definitely a lot different than real clubs.

The first one I went to was super crowded and really smoky which is not really my jam. It was tiny and they played some songs I didn’t know, which certainly makes it hard to dance. The second one I went to was much more my speed! It actually had three dance floors! One for rock, one for R&B, and one for pop music which I thought was really cool! That’s supposedly super common in most nightclubs here.

So funny story time

I actually went to the last club on a date with a guy and he left me to use the bathroom. I kid you not, as soon as he left a group of girls grabbed me and we started dancing together. I think they may have thought I was bored or alone or even maybe trying to get away from that guy. No matter the reason, we danced to One Direction then got stopped to have our photo taken all within two minutes of this guy leaving me!

bamboo night club glasgow

So here’s a photo of me with my new friends who I have absolutely no idea who they are! But shoutout to them for being super sweet and trying to keep me safe! I would also like to point out that I legit left and went back to the guy right after this photo was taken so I really was only with them for maybe three minutes which is why I find it hilarious that we have a photo together.

Also, it’s like normal for nightclubs to take photos of patrons all night and post them on Facebook the next day. I think this is so cool because they obviously take much better photos than we can with our phones in the club!

First Rugby Game

Friday afternoon I attended my first rugby game! It wasn’t like a professional game or anything, just a local club game so it was really lowkey. Honestly, I didn’t understand much of what was going on either.

My only previous knowledge of rugby was that it had field posts like in American football, they tackled a lot, just because the ball touched the ground didn’t mean the play is over, and the boys don’t wear padding. From watching the game the only other things I picked up were that you can’t jump with your legs straight and it’s common for guys to pick another guy up to try and catch the ball when the other team is throwing it in. Kinda like a lift in cheerleading.

Rugby just seems like a sport with very interesting rules. I hope to make time to go to another game so I can see if I pick up on any more rules, and figure out what the huddle thing at the beginning of a play is.

And there are all the updates from the last month! Only one more real update left you guys! Stay on the lookout for more vlogs on my YouTube channel and my posts about Oxford and Ireland!

Talk to you all again soon!

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