VIIcode Skin Care Oxygen Eye Mask Review

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask Review*This blog post is sponsered by VIIcode Skin Care. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make College with Caitlyn possible!

I’ve been wanting to try eye masks ever since I saw one of my favorite YouTubers using them a few months ago. So when VIIcode Skin Care reached out to me I was all for it.

I was super excited to try out their products because the skin under my eyes has gotten the worst of my working two jobs all summer. Plus, I don’t think my under eyes have ever recovered from my late night, early morning college schedule from the past two years.

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Oxygen Eye Mask

They sent me their oxygen eye mask to test out. You’re supposed to wear them for eight hours while you sleep (Lol at sleeping for eight hours like my roommate said), but you can also wear them for four hours during the day. I know people who do this, throw on some huge sunglasses and go run errands.

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask Review: Does it really work? | College with Caitlyn


First off, I felt like a real adult for wearing these. Since they claim to help reduce wrinkles and refresh your under eye skin, I felt like I was a 20-something-woman getting her life together working on her anti-aging routine.

I also think these worked. I was a little wary at first, but after using them my third time I definitely noticed a difference in the lines below my eyes.

Short story: I have two deep lines under each of my eyes. I’ve had them forever and I remember always being self-conscious of them. I eventually learned to embrace them after I realized a girl I thought was gorgeous had them, too. However, I still get a little upset when I see my concealer creased where those lines are and you can always find my trying to smooth it out.

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask Review

So when I woke up that third day, took them off, and looked in the mirror I was shocked. They were definitely less noticeable.

Now, I only had one box worth (six masks), and a full course is considered three boxes. So, I don’t know if after the full treatment the lines would be almost non-existent or if they only help to a certain extent.

These remind me of a sheet mask, but better. Which is good because I really don’t like sheet masks. Those are all gooey and gross, but these aren’t. The front part is the sheet like material, but it’s dry. Then the backside is a gel-like material. But nothing like the gooey grossness that is sheet masks.


The only downside of the gel material is that it tickles. When I put it on I have to hold it there for a few seconds while the sensation subsides.

The first time I used them, my right one fell off in the middle of the night. I move a lot when I sleep, though. And none have fallen off since then! I found that you have to press them into the skin to keep them from moving, not just place them on your face. It also help to rub your finger over the masks like you’re trying to remove air bubbles.VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask Review

After three uses, I did find a more permanent solution for both of these issues. I found that keeping the masks in the fridge helped with both the ticklish-ness (I’m just going to make that a word) and helped make them stick.

Another semi-downside to the eye masks is that I can’t really look down with my eyes while they’re on. This isn’t a big deal if you use them while you’re sleeping, since well, you’ll be asleep.

The one real downside is that these are a tad pricey. One box is $55 and a full course is $165. This boils down to about $9.17 a mask. A typical sheet mask costs about $2 to $5. However, those don’t have the anti-aging properties these do. So take that information as you wish.

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask Review


I really enjoyed using these oxygen eye masks! I thought they produced great results for the little amount of effort I had to put it. They were way easier to use than clay or peel-off-masks (no mess!) and didn’t feel slimy like basic sheet masks. Fifty-five dollars can seem like a lot for one product, but most anti-aging products fall within the same range.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy these for myself. While I am 20 and this is the age I should start working on my skin care routine, I really do love my complexion and don’t think it needs much work. And as I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a big issue with the fine lines under my eyes.

While I wouldn’t buy this for myself, I would recommend it to girls who do want to start taking the extra step to protect their skin and minimize lines.

VIIcode skin care also has an eye mask targeted more towards dark under eye circles that I would really love to try as well. So if this one doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, maybe check that one out instead!

Have you ever used any eye masks?

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