Wearing Black with Brown – Breaking Fashion Rules in Liverpool

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My face literally the whole time I was in Liverpool. That city is gorgeous!! Plus, the weather was amazing and I didn’t have to wear my coat and scarf the whole time and I got to explore the city with the wonderful Kat from Yours Truly, Katrina!

Stay on the lookout for a little Liverpool recap coming to the blog within the next couple weeks! There wasn’t much time to do anything, but I’m going to be doing a little travel diary like I did when I went to San Francisco in the fall.

Until then, let’s talk about the fashion rule I love to break: wearing black with brown.

Do I follow all fashion rules? Obviously not since I’m wearing black with brown and not matching my shoes to my belt all in the same photos. I usually care about the latter, but never really the former. I love experimenting and realized early on that wearing black with brown is one of my favorite trends. It’s so different and keeps outfits from being too monochromatic. Pairing black with brown instantly adds contrast!

I like to wear the pair of colors when I get sick of all black (which yes is a real thing). Wearing all black can either make you feel like a badass, or just depressed, so when it leans more towards the dreary side I switch things up with some color. Or brown. Which I guess is technically a color, we just usually think of red or pink when we envision “color.”

Kat and I stopped in a tiny coffee shop after lunch in Liverpool and I quickly whipped out my camera when I realized there was prime lighting because of the two walls of windows. Also, shoutout to Kat for being a trooper and putting up with my relentless stops to snap photos and also for her taking photos of me! Didn’t she do a great job!?

Cardigan (linked more similar below) / / Trench Coat / / V-neck / / Jeans / / Similar Oxfords (linked more below) / / Similar Choker / / Belt / / Lipstick

These last photos were taken at Pier Head during prime golden hour. And we knew it was prime because some guy behind us was asking someone to take his photo in the same spot and told us we chose a great location. LOL thanks dude.
Anyway, I really loved how this outfit turned out. Especially since I had originally wanted to wear something more cool-toned but all those pieces needed washed and also because it was inspired by Imii Mace. She’s such a cutie and you can see her outfit that inspired mine here.
What do you think of wearing black with brown?

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