Wearing Red, White, & Blue in Copenhagen

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Hola my party people! Warning, this post contains an absurd amount of photos. Like double my usual outfit post amount, and I even removed half the ones I uploaded!! I’m just so in love with all the photos I got this outfit okay? I hope you love them as much as I do!!

So this was what I wore my first day in Copenhagen last weekend! We were blessed with amazing weather so I actually wasn’t even cold at all wearing this outfit! But if I ever did get a chill, I would just throw on the flannel and actually wear it, instead of using it as just another outfit accessory. I forgot how much I loved to use flannels as accessories! Scottish weather isn’t exactly always ideal for stripping off layers, more like piling them on.

But we’re not talking Scotland, we’re talking Denmark today!

Shirt (concert tee but found reprint) / / Shorts (handmade to fit you perfectly!!) / / Jean Jacket / / Similar Oxfords / / Similar Neck Scarf / / Lipstick

Fun fact: that denim jacket is 100% not mine. It’s actually Kay’s, and she was a doll and let me borrow it for photos! Bless her sweet soul, because I really think it made the outfit. But now I really want an oversized denim jacket of mine own… Man, I’m going to go on such a shopping spree when I get back to the States it’s not even funny y’all.

Anyway, this shirt is actually merch I bought at Dua Lipa’s concert last month! She’s literal “Boy Bye” queen and seeing her live was amazing. I tried to find the exact link for y’all, but apparently, it’s sold out from her site. I linked a reprint I found on another site above, but if you want to check out some of her other cheeky merch, you can do so here.

And can we just take a minute to talk about how I ACCIDENTALLY dressed up like a freaking American Poster Girl? Like do I not look like something straight out of a Gap ad? Or like fourth of July? I guess the Danes didn’t pick up it much though since quite a few of them tried to talk to be in Danish.

I’m going to be putting together an actual post about my time in Copenhagen because it was definitely one of my favorite trips I’ve taken since being abroad. Plus, it was my first trip where the inhabitants spoke a different language. Luckily they still spoke English as well, but in a few days, I’m actually leaving for Spain!! Let’s hope my four years of Spanish from middle and high school all come rushing back to me ASAP.

Shop the outfit

Are you more of a flannel wearer or tie around the waist girl?

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