What I Got for Christmas 2017

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This is about a week overdue but I literally had no time to shoot these photos last week. Plus, I wanted to relax and spend as much time as possible with my family since I’m leaving the country in about two weeks.

I actually had my heart set on filming a what I got for Christmas video, but that didn’t pan out either. There’s always next year though! Especially since any type of haul is one of my favorite videos to watch.

Okay so on to the presents. I’m not going to share literally everything, just the big things and what I was most excited about. So here we go:

Michael Kors Purse

My sweet mother got me on the Michael Kors purses I’ve been eyeing! It was between this one and the Selma medium cross body, but I ultimately told her I wanted this one more because it’s bigger than the one I’ve been carrying around for the past year and a half. The slate gray is the perfect color to match all my outfits. Plus, it makes me feel super chic. I just wish it had an outside pocket and that the strap was long enough to actually wear it as a cross body and not just on my shoulder.

Shawn Mendes Fragrance

If I remember correctly, this was the gift I was most excited while opening. I obviously have the biggest crush on Shawn Mendes so this was the absolute perfect gift. I literally put it on right away. It just smells so good! This will actually probably end up being the only perfume I bring with me to Scotland.

Fun story: Amélie actually snapped me to show she got it for Christmas, too! We’re going to be the best smelling girls around! LOL

Try Guys Merch

Just like I asked for on my list, I got my Try Guys t-shirt and calendar! The July spread was my favorite so that’s what I posted above. The calendar is so cool because it has a bunch of random “holidays” listed. Things like national buffet day (which is today by the way). And there is a quote by one of the try guys on each of the spreads as well.

try guys shirt

My brother and his girlfriend were actually the ones who gave me these things and she told me I almost didn’t get them because she wanted to steal them.

Nike gym shirt

My little sister gifted me this awesome t-shirt! I knew as soon as I opened it I was going to wear it to the gym and that’s exactly what I did the very next day. Which you would have already known had you followed me on Instagram because I posted a photo of me wearing it and y’all loved it!

My sister got it at the Nike outlet, but I found a shop that still sells them online if you want to match. I have a size large for reference.

Pandora Rings

Fun fact: I love rings. I love stacking them and wearing them on almost all my fingers at once, so I was so happy to get some new ones! I’ve been wearing the rope one of my right index finger and the laurel wreath one on my left thumb. Thumb rings just look so cool! Plus, my little sister got the same ring and wears it on the same finger. #SisterGoals Am I right?

iPad Pro

So I didn’t actually open this up for Christmas, but my mom surprised me with it on Friday morning. I had been asking if I could use her old iPad for a while so I guess so got the hint I really wanted one. I’ve been using it to watch Friends, scan Pinterest more seamlessly, read ebooks and even write most of this post. I actually just ordered a case yesterday and I’m hype about it!

Scotland for Dummies

While the perfume was the gift I was most excited to open, this gift had me laughing so hard I almost doubled over. My family did a secret Santa gift exchange so we wouldn’t have to buy as many gifts this year and my awesome uncle got me!

This was the first gift I opened and I love it so much. I’ve already skimmed through it a little bit, and I know it’s going to be a big help when I get over there. In addition to the book, he also got me a Starbucks gift card, a beauty blender and the passport case I linked in my Christmas wishlist post. At first, I was joking that his wife picked everything out, but then he told me he read the post! Totally made my day.

Passport Cases

I got not one, not two, but three passport cases for Christmas! I guess that’s what happens when you give everyone the same list and no one checks with one another.

Right now I have my passport safely resting in the middle one. I’m going to use that one when I fly because it has tons of spaces for cards for me to keep my IDs and cards for easy access. Then I can change it into one of the other two while I’m abroad depending on what I feel like I guess.

All the makeup

Most of my lost consisted of makeup products and I was not disappointed. I got a lot of what was on my list and even a few things I hadn’t asked for but was pleasantly surprised with.

First things first: I got some new ColourPop liquid lipsticks and one of their brow pencils. I got the brow pencil in blondie and honestly, I’m not too impressed. I think it’s too light for me. When it runs out I see myself going back to my trusted NYX micro brow pencil.

Now the lipsticks, are a hit or miss so far. I tried Chi first and was a great color, but I don’t think it looks all that great with my skin tone. Maybe when I get tan in the summer?

But Saigon? Yup new favorite red lipstick. And I have yet to try Rooch but I will be testing it out very soon!

My sweet aunt also got me a liquid lipstick! It’s an Anastasia one in the color Catnip which just makes it 10,000 times better.

I also finally got me some shape tape because literally every beauty guru raves about this. But I think I may have asked for a shade too dark because it seems a little yellow for my skin. Still love it though because it stays on all day. Still creases though so that’s annoying. But that may have more so something to do with my powder than the concealer itself.

Speaking of powder, I also got two cases of the Sephora brand translucent powder. I don’t really like skin-toned powder because I don’t like a lot of coverage, so I lean towards translucent ones more. This one is interesting because it’s a loose powder and I’ve never had one like that before. I really like it though and think it’s easier to apply than a pressed powder.

I also got the Naked Smokey eyeshadow palette! I’ve never been one to love the popular Naked palettes, but I do own the Naked Basics and the Naked Ultimate basics and they are all I’ve been using. I didn’t think I would use this much since I prefer matte shades, but I’m loving the shades Armor and Password.

Last in the makeup department are these makeup sponges. Or knock-off beauty blenders. As you can tell, I’ve been using the gray one of the left. I really like it but I think it’s a little too big to blend under my eyes so I think I’m going to crack open some of those Sephora ones for that job.

50mm lens

Don’t laugh. Yes I was more excited about my Shawn Mendes perfume than my new lens. Priorities?

But in all seriousness, I am so stoked to finally start upping my photography game! Most of the photos in this post were taken using my new lens actually! It’s going to take quite some time to get used to the fact that it doesn’t zoom, and that you have to be really good at estimated how far away you are from your subject to get it in focus (which I’m awful at because I have zero depth perception) but I know I’m going to have so much fun with it!! And it’s going to come in handy for the fun photo shoots I have planned for this weekend. *wink wink*

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What did you get for Christmas?

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