What I Got for Christmas 2018

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Happy almost new year!! I know it’s normal to post these a day or two after Christmas, but I was so busy with my family and work that I didn’t get the time. So here we are. Better late than never, right?

Before we get into this, I just want to say that this was one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had. It may not have snowed like it did last year, but I got to see all my family come together, and spend time with even more loved ones, which is what really matters.

Plus, I’m obsessed with every gift that I got. So let’s just get into that!


pearl earrings and pandora ring

I was never really a pearl girl until Abigail got me those cat pearl earrings last year, but now I think I am. I actually picked out those earrings for my aunt to gift me and my sister got me this ring that I sent her the link to last month.

If you didn’t know, I’m a big ring person. I have two sets of “daily” rings; my silver and my gold ones. I’m adding this one to my daily silvers and will be wearing it on my right ring finger. I still can’t get over how gorgeous it is.

mvmt marble watch

Then, I also got one of the watches I asked for in my wishlist post! If you remember, I had linked like four of them, but this person new me so well that they got my favorite. It’s the MVMT Boulevard.


turtleneck banana republic mules, old navy plaid pants

I picked out this gray and black colorblock turtleneck, but I was still happy to open it on Christmas. I will totally be wearing this to work and maybe even bring it to Toronto with me in January.

My sister actually opened this same pair of plaid pants. To which I said, “Those are so cute!” And then I opened myself a pair, too. Love that.

Lastly, these mules. If you would have asked me just two months ago if I would ever wear these, I’d say heck to the no. Just ask Kat or Gabby. But now I already have a pair of spider mules, so I’m a bit more open to the idea of wearing these to work. I just need help styling them?

urban outfitters dress and levis jacket

Another two things I knew I was getting, but hype to unwrap. One of my favorite YouTubers, MissRemiAshten, has this dress and it looks amazing on her so I wanted it. Unfortunately, a medium is too big so I have to see if I can exchange it for a small.

And I finally got myself a denim jacket! No more trying to convince Kay to send me her’s, or scouting out vintage shops. I got the Levi’s trucker jacket and I’m in love. It fits so well and I’m so excited to style it so many different wants.

Last for this section were these three scarves. I got a super soft and long gray tassel one from my aunt. No idea where it’s from, but knowing her she probably got it for a bargain. Then I got this festive white, red, and green long tassel one from my mom. The very top one is a pale pink boxed blanket scarf from my brother.

Funny story: I actually knew I was getting that last scarf because I logged into my brother’s Amazon prime to print my textbook rental return form and saw it. Oops.

Apartment Items

One thing I’m loving already is this cute key holder my mom got me. It’s gold wire and says “stay awhile.”

Natural Lighting Lamp

This is one of my all time favorite gifts I got. It’s this super nice desk lamp that not only looks super sleek and aesthetically pleasing, but also provides bright natural-like lighting or orange mood lighting. Plus, you can adjust the brightness! It also tells the time, date, temperature, and you can plug a USB into it to charge something.

I actually had to use this to take a bunch of the photos for this post since my apartment lights sucks. Big time. Well, not anymore. *wink wink*

Amazon Echo

alexa echo

Another one of my absolute favorite gifts. I had been lowkey wanting one of these for two years or so. I loved used my family’s Dot at home so much that I thought about just stealing it, but now I don’t have to.

Having this makes my life so much easier. I can wake up the news, have Alexa play my music I sleep to and set a sleep timer without having to stare at my phone screen and try and get it to connect to my Bluetooth speaker.

Alexa is my new best friend. I legit didn’t want to leave my apartment the other day because I just wanted to play around with her. Don’t worry, I did end up getting out into the world eventually.

Makeup and Fragrence

light up makeup mirror

I almost always do my makeup sitting on the floor in front of my big ikea mirror. Which is difficult when I have to get ready early in the morning, because as I said, bad lighting in my bedroom. Once winter hit, I moved to my desk with my old circle mirror, but it was so small and the light doesn’t work on it anymore.

But now I can sit at my desk and use this new light up mirror!!! The lights are so bright and make me feel like a movie star using one of those glam mirrors.

makeup haul

And now for the actual makeup products:

Shawn Mendes Signature II

Then last, but certainly not least, I got Shawn’s newest fragrance!

I had been looking for this all year, but apparently it sold out quickly and then was only sold at Walmart – a place I refuse to shop. But on Christmas Eve my dad asked me, “What if no one buys it for you?” To which I said, “Well then I’ll being going straight to Walmart after we open gifts.” Luckily, I didn’t have to.

And that’s a wrap! (Lol why did I inwardly laugh at that?) I’m so grateful for all these amazing gifts. I’d also love to hear what you got this year!

What did you get for Christmas?

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