What to Wear on a Rainy Day on Campus

what to wear on a rainy day on campus

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I love rainy days. Well, not pouring rain, but like slight drizzles and gray skies. Those days are my jam, and why I need to move back to the Pacific North West when I grow up. I was even looking at grad schools in Oregon the other day. It’s not too soon for that right?

what to wear on a rainy day on campus

what to wear on a rainy day on campus

what to wear on a rainy day on campus

what to wear on a rainy day on campus

How I feel about there being another week of school.

what to wear on a rainy day on campus

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Anyways, dressing for rainy days in college is so hard for me because I don’t have a rain coat or rain boots. Just an umbrella. So here’s what I wear instead:

A thick top and layers

Layering is so important in the colder months and on those rainy days. That’s because if you wear layers, especially a thick outer layer, if you do get rained on it shouldn’t soak as much through. That way you can peel that top layer off and wear the layers underneath.

Tall boots

You want to wear boots for two reasons: because they aren’t canvas so they won’t get wet and because they’ll protect more of your pants from getting soaked.

A statement necklace

Okay, this is essential, but it’s something I like to add. I love plain and simple fashion, but I also love adding some jewelry to feel a little more dressed up and not so plain Jane.

A ponytail

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there’s no point in doing my hair when it’s supposed to rain. I mean it would just get wet and nasty, so why put in the effort of curling or straightening it. Instead I opt for a ponytail, a braid, a bun or just any type of up-do that would look cute if if got messy.

No dark make-up

Just like how your hair could get ruined, so could your make-up. Especially if it’s pouring rain. Because of this I try to stay away from dark eye shadows and winged eye liner when it’s raining so there’s no chance of me looking like a raccoon. Not cute. (Unless it’s that Snapchat filter that looks like Taylor Swift from the Blank Space music video.)

How do you dress for rainy days?

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