Keeping my Teeth White as a Coffee Drinker

Keeping my Teeth White as a Coffee Drinker: A review of Smile Brilliant the at home teeth whitening system | College with Caitlyn

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It’s no secret that I love coffee. My roommate’s friend once described me as: “that Instagram girl at the gym drinking coffee.” Yup sounds about right.

While I have cut back on my coffee drinking, I still consume about two to four cups a week. This can easily add stains on my teeth.

Fun fact: before I started drinking coffee I would get compliments all the time on how white my teeth were. I haven’t drank soda in years, so at the time I had nothing making my teeth yellow. Then college hit, and coffee became my new favorite drink.

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drinking coffee

I slowly lost my pearly whites and in turn was always tempted to pick up whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, and whitening mouthwash. But those costs quickly add up, and I never found them to work well enough for the price point.

In comes Smile Brilliant.

So what is Smile Brilliant?

Smile Brilliant is an affordable at-home teeth whitening service. And when I say affordable, I mean 70% cheaper than what a dentist would offer. Smile Brilliant is able to cut down the teeth whitening cost so dramatically because it saves you multiple trips to the dentist, a.k.a. unnecessary costs from “chair time.”


The procedure is simple. Smile Brilliant will send you impression material and impression trays so you can create molds to perfectly fit your teeth. They even include an envelope to send off the trays with free shipping! After you send these impressions away to their lab, you’ll get your customized trays in about a week and you can start whitening!

You can choose between three and nine syringes of the whitening gel, but each syringe allows for three to four teeth whitening sessions. And if you have semi-sensitive teeth like me, and 60% of other Americans, you can choose one of their sensitive bundle that also comes with syringes for the desensitizing gel.

Is it safe?

I was hesitant to try this teeth whitening system for a couple reasons:

  1. I’ve used teeth whitening strips in the past and they put me in excruciating pain. They also slipped all over my teeth since they were generic sizes.
  2. I’ve always thought teeth whitening would  damage your enamel

Before I put anything on my teeth, I made sure to research Smile Brilliant to make sure it was safe. I found that health risks from teeth whitening happens due to misuse of the products, but if used correctly by following all directions set on the packaging, your teeth are at no risk.


My Experience

Because I have sensitive teeth, I started small with my whitening sessions. My first time I kept the trays in for 30 minutes while I read before bed, then popped in the desensitizing gel for another 20 minutes, and I was ready for bed. The first few minutes were a tiny bit painful, but it subsided decently fast and never came back in future whitening sessions. However, I did experience extra sensitivity in teeth that had fill-ins while eating cold foods through the weeks I was using the whitening gel.

As time went on, I was able to up my whitening sessions to three hours (the max suggested time). This may seem like a long time, especially if you have a lot to get done. But that’s the beauty of Smile Brilliant! You can literally use it while doing whatever you want! No need to waste three hours (or more!) at the dentist office.

I spent my whitening sessions reading, doing homework, watching HGTV, and taking short power naps. Basically living the dream.

My Results

First, let me say that if you’re grossed out by teeth 1) why are you reading this? And 2) I’m about to show close-up pictures of my teeth so you may want to brace yourself.

So before, my teeth were slightly yellow, but nowhere near a bad as some other religious coffee drinkers. You can especially see this on the top of my teeth near the gums.

before and after Smile Brilliant review

This picture was taken after only a week and a half of treatments. Meaning I didn’t even use all the whitening gel and almost all the staining had disappeared. So I’m convinced Smile Brilliant works and is worth the money.

Lucky for you though, they were kind enough to host a giveaway for you! Check that out here to win your own set of whitening trays and gels! The giveaway will remain open for a week and is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. You can also enter “collegewithcaitlyn10” at checkout to receive ten percent off your order!

Have you ever whitened your teeth? How was your experience?

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