Why I Switched to Decaf

It’s so easy to get addicted to caffeine. I should know because I’ve become addicted multiple times over just the past three years. So last summer I made the conscious decision to drink decaf.

Telling people I drink decaf usually gets me the same reactions I get as when I tell people I’m a math major. Picture people with their jaw dropped, eyes bugging out and whining, “Really? Ew how!?” To which I always say, “It’s actually not that bad.”

I actually did a small experiment two years ago where I went three weeks without coffee. If I could go almost a month without any coffee, then I was pretty sure I could go forever with almost exclusively drinking decaf. I say almost because sometimes I do forget to ask for decaf, or I get regular caffeinated coffee if I’m really struggling that day. But I only keep decaf coffee in my apartment, which means I can drink and make coffee whenever I want without losing any sleep.

Before I give away the whole post in the first 200 words, let actually get to the the big reasons why I made the switch.

Coffee Bloating

No matter how much research I’ve done, there’s nothing linking caffeine to bloating. However, there are numerous resources describing how the acid level of coffee can majorly contribute to bloating. So this may be more of an in-my-head thing, but whenever I have a large hot coffee I also get bloating and sometimes it’s extremely painful. I never have an issue with iced coffee.

Bloating can also be caused when you drink your coffee too fast, so maybe that’s what was going on. But I’m too scared to go back to drinking it regularly and having the regular bloating issues.


I always drink coffee as soon as I make breakfast or on my way to work in the evening. The latter being what caused me so many sleeping issues. It’s not my fault Dunkin was on the way to where I worked. But because of it I struggled immensely with insomnia last fall.

Now that I drink decaf, the only reason I have issues sleeping at night is if I take a nap past 8 pm. Which has happened way too much over winter break and needs to stop ASAP.

I love being able to brew a cup of coffee whenever I want and not have to worry about falling asleep. It’s pretty freeing honestly. And if you love coffee, then you know you always want coffee. So this is like the best thing ever.

Decaf Tastes the Same

drinking coffee at coffeeshop

People always tell me decaf tastes so much different, but I swear it doesn’t!! I promise you.

However, I’m not a big coffee snob so maybe it does taste different if you’re really into it.

That Addict Feeling

I didn’t like that “I need a cup of coffee now” feeling I would get every morning and throughout the day. This really hit me hard at my internship last summer. My office had a Keurig and always had the cups bulk ordered so there was no excuse not to drink it. There were days I’d make coffee twice… and I wasn’t even tired!!

I got sick of feeling like I needed it to survive. Especially when I tried to cut back and started getting caffeine withdrawal headaches. I mean what would I do if the world was ending and I couldn’t have coffee? I’d die the first day from caffeine withdrawal headaches!

Instead of using the office’s Keurig all the time, I’d walk to Dunkin and get either a half decaf coffee or full decaf. Which is a huge hack for people who didn’t know that places have half decaf. Some places may complain when you ask for it, as it is more complicated, but it helps wean you off caffiene so I’m a big advocate.

It seems crazy to drink decaf coffee. Like what’s the point if not to get energy? But I drink coffee 90% of the time because I love the taste of it, 9% for the aesthetics and only 1% of the time because I need it to wake me up.

If you’re like me in anyway, I’d recommend weaning yourself off regular coffee and switching to decaf. And if you feel awful from drinking decaf after a couple weeks, switch back. If you don’t feel awful, but actually feel better? Well them, you’re welcome.

Do you ever drink decaf?

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