Why You Should Join Intramurals in College

Disclaimer: I am not good at sports.

Like at all.

However, I’ve always enjoyed playing them. I grew up competing in gymnastics, playing baseball with the neighborhood kids, playing basketball in school and running track and cross country. But I would still never call myself sporty. Mostly because when I do all my friends say, “Girl you trippin.”

I think this is because I’m not very good at sports (I’m mediocre at best). Sure I had my prime days in high school going to track invites when I could run a mile in six and a half minutes, but that’s not me anymore. Now I’m just a girl who loves playing sports for fun, because if I played to win I’d surely lose. However, I will always talk smack and say I’ll win because that’s just part of the game right?

Coming into a school that is Division I and wanting to play sports is very difficult. Some of my favorite memories from high school were made at track or basketball practices, and that wasn’t an option for me when I got to college. I’m no where near talented enough to be playing at the Division I level. I mean in high school, I was barely talented enough to make the freshmen basketball team! That’s where intramurals come in.

Why You Should Join Intramurals in College: 5 ways you could benefit from signing up! | College with Caitlyn

Intramurals are perfect for students who love playing sports but can’t play for their school.

A.k.a. me.

Sadly, there is no track intramural team, and frankly I’m too scared to sign up for basketball because those girls get intense. Because of this I thought I was going to go sport-less throughout college, until one of my friends brought up sand volleyball. My first thought was: Uh, no way. I’ve been terrified of volleyball since elementary school gym class. I’ll sit this one out.

But then I thought better of it, and oh boy am I glad I did.

Our first game was one of the best experiences of my life. We played the entire game in the pouring rain! (Hence why we look so wet in the photo.) Don’t we look so happy?

fall semester sand volleyball

Looking at this picture you may never have known that I had only just met these people less than a month before it was taken. We went on to play again in the spring and picked up a new friend to play alongside us, and this last Wednesday was our first game of the fall semester, and we gained two more players; however, we did lose two as well. *sad face*

Wednesday nights have become what I look forward to the most. If I’m having a rough week it always brightens my mood to think about my upcoming volleyball game, and being able to play alongside my friends.

So that’s my story. But how can joining an intramural help you? Well here are only a few of the reasons how:

You can make new friends (obviously)

Whether you make a team with people you already know, or join a team of people you don’t know/barely know, you’ll come out on the other side with at least one new friend.

The sand volleyball courts are the place to be at night on my campus, so there’s always new people to meet and get to know. One night I stayed up until 2 a.m. with a friend and some other people trying to learn how to spike and serve overhand. It didn’t go so great for me, but I did have fun and made some new connections!

Playing volleyball is also a good way for all of my friends to come together each week because our schedules are so crazy that we almost never see each other during the week.

sand volleyball spring

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They keep you active

Staying active in college is something I know a lot of former sports players struggle with. I mean going to the rec center every day isn’t something that is going to happen for me personally, so that’s why I love intramurals. They give me a scheduled “workout” each week that I absolutely can’t miss or my team would be very angry. It’s also nice to just get some exercise in after sitting in classes all day.

It breaks up the mundane college schedule

As I said earlier, it felt really great to have something to look forward to every week. It’s always nice to have something planned other than class, work, homework and study sessions.

Plus, I don’t know about you but I get real tired of sitting all day, so getting out and actually standing and moving around keeps me feeling awake and alive.

Trying something new is invigorating

So this may not apply to you if you plan to join a sport you’ve played before, but it will if you join something you’ve never participated in before like I did. I never used to be one to try new things. I would pinch my face up at any new food pushed my way, and I didn’t like doing things I had never done before for fear of doing it wrong and looking dumb. But having fun trumps the fear of looking stupid, so there I was playing volleyball and having the time of my life. I mean yeah I still have trouble serving and hitting it over the net, and sometimes it brings me down, but I try not to dwell on it too much. I just remind myself that I’m playing to have fun and bond with people, not to win and look cool.

They’re just plain fun

As if you haven’t picked up on this one yet. I mean I’ve only used the word fun six times including this one. Even if sports are truly not your thing I urge you to give intramurals a try! I’m not sure about your school, but mine has leagues for things like cornhole, poker and even kickball. So not as sporty as things like volleyball, soccer, football and basketball.

I honestly think that if I hadn’t of played volleyball last year that I would not have enjoyed college as much as I did. I hope that inspires you to get involved with intramurals at your campus!

Do you already play intramurals at your school? Or do you plan on it? What sport? Have you ever played sand volleyball before? Would you consider yourself sporty? Let me know in the comments below!

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