Extra Holiday Outfit: Styling White Booties

Today I’m sharing what I wore for Christmas Eve dinner with my family. Obviously, I’m super extra so I had to dress up just to drive over to my grandma’s. Gotta be looking good for the cute neighbor boys!

I’m super duper excited to share these photo because it snowed!! For the first time that I can remember I had a white Christmas! Granted it only snowed an inch or less, but it was still super magical. The snow is actually still on the ground in some places because it’s been so cold here the past week. Like I’m talking a high of 18 degrees or less!

christmas eve snow holiday outfit

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 christmas eve snow holiday outfit  christmas eve snow holiday outfit

christmas eve snow holiday outfit  christmas eve snow holiday outfit  christmas eve snow holiday outfit

Look at that dandruff. But like for real though my hair was so wet after being outside for maybe five minutes from all the snow that was falling!

christmas eve snow holiday outfit

Similar coat / / Ruffle sleeve top / / Booties / / Similar earrings

Let me just say that taking pictures in the snow is a lot harder than it looks. The snow easily blocks your face or just makes it look like you have dandruff. #cute

Anyway, about this outfit:

I bought these booties about a month ago and had yet to break them out. My sister practically begged me to wear them this day and then she kept making fun of me. “Blast from the past!” she kept saying. I didn’t mind though because I freaking love them.

Both the shirt and booties are from Target. I bought this blouse just because I was having a bad day, but I turned out to love it so much that I’ve worn it every week since I bought it. Which is quite insane for me because outfit repeating is a no-no in my book.

These booties would be so cute for a NYE outfit but I guess all my invites got lost in the mail. Guess I’ll be spending the New Year knitting alone in my basement wearing my Single All the Way shirt again.

Jk. That was exactly what I did last year though. LOL

My exact coat is sold out so I linked three similar styles in the widget below. One of which I really want to by myself, but I’m refraining because it’d be silly to buy a new coat if I can’t bring it to Scotland with me.

Happy Holidays!

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